Head Back to Work in Style with These Elegant Men’s Leather Bags

Head Back to Work in Style with These Elegant Men’s Leather Bags
With recent announcements by the Singaporean government to streamline safe distancing measures, companies and employees alike are set to return back to the office en masse. For men gearing up to head back to work, consider investing in a good everyday work bag. The best work bag not only serves the practical purpose of carrying your laptop and documents comfortably, but also goes a long way into helping you appear more professional. Whether you’re on the lookout for a trusty companion to carry back and forth to the office, or a versatile bag that transitions seamlessly into the weekend, there’s sure to be a perfect leather work bag for you.

1. Laptop Messenger Bags

13-inch Hare & Tortoise Laptop Messenger Crossbody Sling
Gnome & Bow’s 13-inch Hare & Tortoise Laptop Messenger Crossbody Sling
A classic option, and something you can never go wrong with, is a sleek leather laptop bag. Ideally, a laptop bag that’s perfectly sized to carry your laptop and still have compartments to keep smaller looser items. Given the delicate nature of its contents, a laptop bag that possesses a degree of shock absorbency and padding goes a long way as well. For men opting to stand out from the crowd with a splash of class, Gnome & Bow’s 13-inch Hare & Tortoise Laptop Messenger Crossbody Sling Bag is a clear choice. Composed of 16oz waxed cotton canvas, the bag sports accents of full grain U.S cow leather which lends a refined and sophisticated look to any ensemble.

2.  Briefcases

Three Musketeers Porthos Two Tone 14" Laptop Crossbody Sling Briefcase Detachable Pouch (Pebble Grain Leather)

Two Tone 14 inch Laptop Crossbody Sling Briefcase Detachable Pouch (Pebble Grain Leather)

Used by men for centuries, there’s a reason why the briefcase is synonymous with the business gentleman. Not only does a briefcase look professional and help make a good impression in meetings, it also helps maintain a level of tidiness compared to crossbody straps. Traditionally hand carried, there is a zero percent chance that your suit will be wrinkled when toting this accessory around from meeting to meeting. Most people tend to associate briefcases as gaudy four cornered rectangular boxes, which isn’t necessarily true in this day and age. Take for example this 14-inch two-tone leather briefcase, made out of stylish full and pebble grain U.S cow leather. Built with function in mind, without forsaking any of its form factor, this bag is a must have for the discerning gentleman looking to make an impression.

3. Backpacks

Three Musketeers Athos 13 Inch Laptop Backpack Detachable Pouch - Taupe

With comfy padded straps and even weight distribution, backpacks are an excellent bag choice for heavier daily carries such as books, water bottles, laptops, and chargers. For men who carry all that they might need in a day and prefer to be prepared for any eventuality, there’s just no beating a well-made leather backpack. With a laptop slot and dedicated compartments for items such as your wallet or notebook, you can feel safe knowing everything is in the right place.

Hitchhiker 16 Inch Laptop TSA Friendly Anti Theft Backpack

Men who find messenger bags cumbersome might also prefer carrying a backpack as well, especially one made of water-resistant 500D Cordura nylon. Lightweight and ready to brave the elements, rain or shine, this 16-inch Hitchhiker Laptop Backpack has got you covered.

4. Tote Bags

14-inch Hare & Tortoise Laptop Tote

Hare & Tortoise 14 Inch Laptop Tote (Canvas Leather)

Versatility is a trait that simply cannot be overlooked, and what better everyday bag is there for men who want to go anywhere and do just about anything? The 14-inch Hare & Tortoise Laptop Tote seamlessly blends in at the office, yet is also perfect for a weekend out sipping champagne with friends. Sophisticated yet casual, the tote bag comes with leather accents on the bag and handle to ensure that carrying it is never a pain. The intricate detailing on the zippers also add a little flair to any occasion, making for a fantastic conversation starter for curious minds.

5. Duffel Bags

Hare & Tortoise Travel Crossbody Sling Duffel (Canvas Leather)

Hare & Tortoise Travel Crossbody Sling Duffel (Canvas Leather)

If you find yourself jetting between the office and the gym multiple times in a week, the everyday option of a duffel bag should feel at home by your side. With a capacity of 33-cubic liters, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have plenty of space for your gym attire, laptop, shaker bottle, and anything else you might fancy. In addition, the dedicated compartments within the bag means you’ll never have to rummage blindly through the bottom of your work bag in search of your keys or phone anymore. As gorgeous as it is hardy, make a clear statement at the office with this Hare & Tortoise Travel Crossbody Sling Duffel today.

6. 3-Way Bags

Hare & Tortoise 3-way 14-inch Laptop Tote Backpack

Tote it, hold it, or simply just carry it — 3-Way Bags offer the flexibility for men to carry their work bag however they want. Regardless of the vibe and outfit you’re going for, this deep blue Hare & Tortoise 3-way 14-inch Laptop Tote Backpack is sure to turn heads. The waxed cotton canvas stands up well against the test of time and the full-grain US cow leather accents help zhoosh up any ensemble.

The Men’s Leather Work Bag for You

Get the perfect premium leather work bag from Gnome & Bow. Not only will you find the customised leather bag for all your work needs, but other personalised leather goodsaccessories and gifts as well. 

Simply visit us at our flagship store or place your orders with us online. Our delivery service serves all locations across Singapore.

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