7 Leather Travel Bags and Accessories for Your Worldly Adventures

7 Leather Travel Bags and Accessories for Your Worldly Adventures
With COVID-19 travel restrictions in Singapore being laxed, many are now looking to appease their deep-seated wanderlust within the upcoming months. And if you happen to be one of them planning your next adventure abroad, be sure to not only put your itinerary in order, but also your packing list for all things that can help turn your overseas trip into a fulfilling escapade. 
In that regard, here are 7 must-have leather travel bags and accessories for your next wild voyage:

Leather Bags

Travel in style with leather travel bags from Gnome & Bow’s curated collections in Singapore. Durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and unarguably fashionable, leather bags can make for perfect travel companions no matter your destination.

1. Leather Travel Crossbody Sling Duffel

Hare & Tortoise Travel Crossbody Sling Duffel (Canvas Leather)


The Hare & Tortoise Travel Crossbody Sling is the perfect carry-on leather bag for all your essentials, and everything else you’ll need to keep yourself comfortable and occupied during long flights. Made to be luggage slot and cabin baggage friendly, this leather travel bag packs both the durability of the hare’s speed and the clever design of the tortoise’s wit within its detailed accents.

2. Leather Anti-Theft Laptop-Friendly Backpack

Hitchhiker 16" Laptop TSA Friendly Anti Theft Backpack
Hitchhiker 16" Laptop TSA Friendly Anti Theft Backpack

Physically leaving the country does not always guarantee an escape from work responsibilities and other persistent business duties that extend beyond Singapore’s confines. At Gnome & Bow, we understand this, and have crafted the perfect leather laptop bag for those who need to bring their work along or keep themselves contactable online. The Hitchhiker 16” Laptop TSA Friendly Anti-Theft Backpack is built for the danger-seeking adventurer to protect all they love.

3. Leather Crossbody Sling Saddle Bag

Three Musketeers Constance Two Tone Crossbody Sling Saddle Bag

It’s always a good idea to have a smaller bag for lighter travel once you’ve touched down at your destination. The Three Musketeers Constance Two-Tone Sling Saddle Bag makes for a perfect companion for all your lighter travel needs, built with peerless functionality and unwavering durability. The engraved line, “One for all, all for one”, in its original French form will continually remind you that you’re never alone, no matter how far away from home or your comrades you may be.

Leather RFID-Blocking Wallets and Card Holders

Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallet (RFID Waxed Leather)
With the advent of technological advances, there will always be those who abuse its entailed power. Protect yourself from skimming theft through RFID-blocking wallets and card holders while you’re away from Singapore. At Gnome & Bow, our RFID collection features carefully crafted blocking lining to keep digital trespassers out of your passports and credit cards. 

4. RFID-Blocking Waxed Leather Wallet

Gulliver Coin Pouch Bifold Wallet

The Gulliver Coin Pouch Bifold Wallet is the perfect wallet for the frequent traveller. Equipped with card holders, organisers for two different currencies, a coin pouch, and dedicated phone SIM card and pin slots, this RFID-blocking wallet packs all the features you’ll need in a wallet into a slim and sleek profile ready for use in and outside Singapore. 

5. RFID-Blocking Leather Long Wallet Crossbody Sling

Envelope Flap Long Wallet Crossbody Sling Bag (RFID)

Inspired by the elegant simplicity of the envelope, the Envelope Flap Long Wallet Crossbody Sling is a wallet with RFID-blocking lining that comes with a detachable strap for versatile outfit pairing. Clutch it, sling it, and easily store and access your phone with this wallet crossbody sling’s back pocket, and never worry about credit card or passport fraud as you enjoy your respite from Singapore’s hustle and bustle on your adventure abroad.

Luggage Tags

Of course, when travelling overseas, a personalised leather luggage tag can make a difference between a holiday well enjoyed and a ruined experience away from Singapore. Having a secure luggage tag with your relevant information can bring lost bags and their entailed belongings back home to you if ever misplaced. 

6. Bookmark Luggage Tag

Bookmark Luggage tag

The Bookmark Luggage Tag is a personalised leather luggage tag crafted in luscious nappa full-grain leather. Accessorise your bag or luggage with both style and security as you make your mark on your adventures traversing other countries outside of Singapore and the fantasy worlds you encounter through your literary explorations.

7. Book Luggage Tag

Book Luggage Tag

Designed to look and flip open like a book, the Book Luggage Tag helps store your details safe from public eyes until when absolutely needed. Take your very own personalised leather luggage tag with you on your conquests beyond Singapore, and write your story knowing that your travel bags and belongings will be returned to you in the case of any mishap.

Travel in Style with Gnome & Bow Leather Products

Quickly place your orders with Gnome & Bow online store, and get the leather travel companions you need before it’s time for your flight! 
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