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Personalised Card Holders in USA Full Grain Leather

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Leather Card Holders For Compact Travel Around Singapore

In a world where one card does it all, the days of big, bulky wallets are long behind us. Today, our minimalist lifestyle demands a clutter-free contraption. Introducing the card holder - a handy leather companion that fits into the tightest of pockets. Card holders made with premium leather embodies the quintessential adage of a swanky world without complications. It paints a picture of convenience and class; and how easy it is to travel light in largely cash-free Singapore. Now you have the freedom to set forth and conquer the world’s challenges with ease.

Style Tips With A Leather Card Holder

Its small stature speaks volume of its functions and also reveals a narrative of your style and personality. A cleverly chosen designer card holder provides effortless and snazzy organisation for your essential cards , while personalisation imbues it with character. As artistic crafts of genuine leather, and with designs inspired by storybooks to accentuate your personality, these designer card holders will make you want to reach for them. A flamboyant piece, like a leather card holder crossbody bag, helps jazz up your look for the night. If flashy is not your style, look out for minimalist slim card holders which you’ll never go wrong with.

Caring For Your Leather, From Bags To Card Holders

Nothing says luxury like leather does, and with all luxury goods, a little tender loving care will help this premium material go a long way. For genuine leather, forming a patina is a natural process as a product of its environment and ownership, but its beauty goes hand in hand with proper care. Our premium leather collection can stand the test of time with some expert tips.

1. Keep your card holder away from water and alcohol, as it may cause the leather to deform, bleed, or get mouldy. Dry promptly and wipe with a leather cleaner if it gets dirty.

2. Remember not to fill your leather card holder with more cards than it should hold.

3. When not in use, store it in our storybook box packaging with moisture absorbing silica gel, and apply leather cream every 3 to 6 months.

4. Avoid keeping your wallet in your pocket (worst still, back pocket) for prolonged periods of time as heat and moisture from our bodies will deteriorate the leather and cause irreparable damage. Keep it cool and dry where possible

We also carry a range of bags, wallets, ID card holders and other accessories made from other premium and durable materials like cotton canvas and PVC-backed nylon, perfect for Singapore’s humid weather.

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