Books & Bags

Once upon a time, there was a gnome named Greg, whose magical gift was to transform books into bags.

Imagine a racing bag with the Hare & Tortoise zipping across, a Jekyll & Hyde bag that reverses from classic to wild, or a Musketeer bag with a hidden pouch you can draw like a sword.


Nuts & Bolts

Greg believed that a good bag today should be enhanced with practical features and technology to meet the needs of the modern individual for work, travel and play.

Compartments to organise your essentials like laptops, phones and cables. Convenient features like the luggage trolley slot and SIM card slot. RFID blocking lining that protect your passport and credits cards from fraud and identity theft.


Threads & Needles

As though it ran through his blood, Greg was obsessed with crafting with only the finest materials – 100% USA full grain genuine cow leather, lightweight water-resistant heavy-duty fabrics and Japanese YKK Excella zippers.

Like the tales that inspire them, each creation was known to live happily ever after, backed by a 1-year warranty.


Hat & Bow

Greg's signature look is the elegant yet playful pairing of his pointy hat and bow tie – a style that defines his design ethos.

He wanders the world on his stork seeking fantastical adventures for he sees them as the perfect opportunities to dress up for the occasion.