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Personalised RFID Wallets & Card Holders in USA Full Grain Leather

Protect Your Details with Leather RFID Blocking Wallets

Crafted with a unique RFID blocking lining, Gnome & Bow’s tastefully designed leather wallets, card holders and passport holders protect your credit cards and passport against fraud and identity theft. The equivalent of digital pickpocketing, RFID theft (often referred to as skimming), can happen anywhere in and beyond Singapore. Concealing your cards in wallets lined with RFID blocking technology will not only help keep your sensitive information scanner-proof and free from prying eyes, but also your peace of mind.

Not a Wallet Person? Try a Leather Card Holder or a Wallet Crossbody

We offer a variety of RFID-enhanced leather goods in different sizes and carrying capacities. Choose from our range of wallets, card holders and crossbody bags crafted from premium leathers to suit your every occasion. Minimalists who prefer to carry only their essentials might opt for an elegant leather coin and card holder or a slimmer cash card holder. Alternatively, our spacious wallet crossbody bags (complete with the same RFID blocking protection) will cater to those who prefer a true carry-all design.

Meet the Globetrotter’s Best Friend – RFID Passport Wallets

Globetrotters frequently on trips in and out of Singapore will likely be interested in Gnome & Bow’s RFID blocking passport wallets and holders. These wallets not only protect your passport from RFID theft but are also designed with handy compartments and slots to organise your travel documents and keep them close at hand in a single, smart profile.

Find inspiration in our Jules Cash & Coin Passport Wallet, Herman Passport Notebook Holder, or Envelope Long Wallet Crossbody Bag. Featuring slots for your boarding pass, currencies as well as your frequent flyer and credit cards, the cherry on top comes in the form of a concealed SIM card and pin slot so you’ll never have to worry about losing these tiny essentials.

We’ve compromised neither style nor security in the design of our RFID leather goods. Looking for a premium gift for your team of high-flying executives? How about an artisan-designed passport wallet made to highlight your brand’s story? We are happy to collaborate with brands through our corporate collaboration services.

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