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Full Grain Genuine Leather

Full grain leather is the upper most layer of the cow’s hide (not top-grain) and also the most durable. It showcases the natural beauty of the cow, like grains and creases, and ages beautifully over time.

(no more peeling like synthetic PU leathers)

Handpicked from leather tanneries in the USA and Italy.

Nappa Leather (USA)

Steeped in a rich history that dates back to 1875, Nappa was first made by Emanuel Manasse in Napa, California, hence the name. Supple to the touch, this leather boasts a naturally grained and colour consistent appearance. It is also resilient to scratches and stays looking newer for longer, a polished look for all occasions.

Available in Black, Blue, Taupe, Red, Pink, Beige.

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Wax Leather (USA)

When folded or stretched, the waxes in this leather appear on its surface in a secondary shade of its original colour. Over time and use, the patina formed is a subtle yet rich gradient of colours, the pinnacle sought by many leather lovers. Though slightly prone to markings in its initial delicate state, the imperfections subside (heal) with time and add an unmistakable character that's unique to its owner. Our best-selling leathers to date.

Available in Black, Blue, Oxblood and Tan.

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Vegetable Tanned Leather (Italy)

This supple yet hardy leather is highly prized for the time-honoured tradition that goes behind it and also for the inherently beautiful patina that develops with use over time. We are completely in awe.

Available in Black, Brown, Blue and Red.

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Matte Wax Leather (USA)

"The Ugly Duckling"

This unassuming leather is characterised by its matt, cloudy appearance, powdery and suede-like to touch. Natural grains and creases of the cow are on full display. Nicks and scratches show visibly because of the waxes within. However, with time and use, the leather grows lustrous and the markings start to fade. Eventually, the once ugly duckling becomes a swan, developing a shiny patina that is smooth as silk – an elegant and prized possession.

Available in Black.

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Pebble Grain Leather (USA)

The pebbled texture of this leather gives it a timeless, robust appearance that catches light from all angles while offering superior resistance to scratches. With use and over time, it retains its fresh, original looks longer than other types of leather. A natural choice for fuss-free maintenance and long-lasting appeal.

Available in Black.

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Premium Nylon

Marrying modern aesthetics with the latest in fabric technology, our premium nylon looks luxurious, yet takes the daily beating with panache. The finely and densely packed weave lends a smooth finish to the touch. Light-weight, durable water-resistance at it's best.

Available in Black, Blue, Taupe and Wine

Satin Nylon

Our satin nylon is fused with a PVC backing which not only gives it a robust form but also the ability to quickly spring back to shape when crumpled, a key attribute for the reversible bags in Jekyll & Hyde Bags It is also water-resistant and boosts a stunning lustre for that luxurious finishing touch.

Suede Nylon

Combining the luxurious touch of suede with the durability of nylon, Pewter Grey Suede Nylon exudes an enigmatic spectrum of colours between grey and purple at first, followed by warm hints of brown at varying angles and lighting. See it and feel it in person to truly experience this one-of-a-kind material. The PU backing provides definitive structure to the final product.

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Herringbone Lining

A subtle blend of cotton and nylon, our signature herringbone lining lends a touch of understated luxury and adds visual contrast to our designs. A classic of classics, it pairs perfectly with our lush leathers while bringing out their natural beauty.

RFID Blocking Lining

Protects credit cards and passports against fraud and identity theft, providing peace of mind and convenience for everyday commuters and world travellers alike.

Read our RFID Guide to learn more.


YKK Excella Zippers (Japan)

Densely packed teeth dance in perfect unison to form a seamlessly crisp closure. The gold standard in luxury bags worldwide, these zippers stand the test of time and trends. Beautiful yet sheer hardy.

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