Buyer's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Leather Wallet

Buyer's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Leather Wallet
A good leather wallet can last you a lifetime, and that’s no exaggeration. When buying something that could potentially be with the user for the better half of decades, it is crucial to consider many factors and put some thought into your choice of leather wallets in Singapore, be it for yourself or as a gift. 
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Things to Consider When Buying a Leather Wallet

1. Style and Utility

Gnome & Bow - Leather Wallet for Women

The first thing to consider is how the particular wallet’s design and colour suits you (or your recipient). If you’re picking out a wallet that is meant to last, how it looks and compliments your style should be the first point of contention. 

For men, there are various leather wallet types in Singapore, such as the timeless bifold, the minimalist money clip, and the long avant-garde wallet with a coin compartment. More recently, there's also been trend towards slimmer and more compact wallet, yet without sacrificing on function and looks. These will keep you looking sharp. No more bulges in your suit or pants pockets.

Similarly, there are also a variety of leather wallets for women ranging from the larger long wallet, the slimmer clutch wallet, the versatile crossbody sling bag wallet, zip-around wallets and the compact card holders.

 When picking a wallet style, it is also vital to consider what you might carry in it daily.

For example, if you love or need to carry notes, and like keeping them unfolded, neat and pristine, the
Gulliver Long Wallet (RFID Nappa Leather) will certainly be a great asset to your life. If you are someone that has a ton of cards and prefers carrying paper notes and coins, a larger b
ifold such as the Gulliver Coin Pouch Bifold Wallet (RFID Waxed Leather) might better suit your needs. However, suppose your routine is centred towards cashless interactions. In that case, you could consider this Gulliver Slim Card Holder (RFID Waxed Leather) that carries five cards with an ultra-slim silhouette.

A few other questions you can ask when considering wallet designs include:

1. Can it fit multiple currencies (e.g. SGD, USD, EUR) and cash sizes? 
2. Will the cash be folded and, if so, how many times? 
3. Does it have a coin compartment? 
4. Does it have enough card slots?
5. How is the craftsmanship of the wallet? 
- Stitching: Is it handstitched, machine stitched or glued
- Edge finishing: Is it painted or folded? Generally painted sides look more premium, but folded sides last longer.


Wallet Zip - Material

2. Leather Quality

Once you’ve decided on a style that works for you and incorporates well into your routine, the next factor to pay attention to is the quality of leather used in your prospective wallet. If you’re aiming for durability and longevity, premium leather materials such as USA full-grain leather. Made of the uppermost layer of the cow’s hide, full-grain leather is versatile, hardy, and oh-so-gorgeous.


Within the full grain leather family, here are some leather finishes to consider for your wallet:

Waxed leather: Rigid and robust, this highly durable leather will become more shiny with use and time. 
Nappa leather: Soft and smooth to touch, this leather ages gracefully with time and molds to your usage
Cross grain / Pebble grain / Debossed leather: Highly scratch-resistant but does not develop a patina as well as full-grain leather.

Another thing to look out for is how the leather was tanned, with the two most common tanning methods being vegetable tanning and chrome tanning. Here at Gnome & Bow, our leather wallets are made using chrome-tanned leathers from the USA, which are known for being soft yet highly durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. Interested in learning more about leather? Check out our blog on the things to consider when buying leather goods.

3. A Fit For Each Occasion

Wallet for Every Occasion

How your wallet blends with your outfit choices also plays a key role in choosing the right wallet. Depending on your daily ensemble, it might even be prudent to have more than one wallet in your closet to suit every occasion. 

Say your daily carry is a do-it-all bifold, and you have to attend a black-tie formal event. In that scenario, a massive wallet on the verge of exploding a la Seinfeld’s George Constanza is probably going to stick out like a sore thumb in your tux pocket. Swapping to a thinner wallet like our Gulliver Slim Cash Card Holder Wallet (RFID Waxed Leather) would be the more fashionable and practical choice for the night.

Rudyard Zip Long Wallet Crossbody Sling Bag (RFID)

 Likewise, a massive clutch wallet or women’s leather purse might be useful to hold all your belongings but could be a little cumbersome to carry around while running errands. If you need a hands-free option, swapping over to a crossbody sling bag wallet gives you the accessibility and freedom to go about your day.

An all-in-one passport wallet that holds cash, coins, cards, and your passport is a trusty travel companion for trips abroad. Drivers can also benefit from having a compact wallet with a key ring, while an ID card holder lanyard can always comes in handy for work days at the office! 

4. Any Bonus Functions or Features

Leather Wallets

RFID Lining

RFID Blocking Lining

The icing on the cake for any potential wallet is the bonus features that come with it. In the age of phishing scams and cyber security threats, RFID wallets add another level of security and provide peace of mind that traditional wallets might not give. Discover these RFID wallets effectively protect your personal information, without sacrificing your style.

Gnome & Bow - Travel Wallet

Other small bonus features that are usually underlooked are dedicated slots for a SIM card and SIM card pin. Take this Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallet (RFID Waxed Leather), for example — the ideal wallet for a jet-setting traveller who is constantly changing their SIM card. 

Leather Wallet Personalization

Browse Premium Leather Wallets for Men & Women

If you’re on the hunt for a leather wallet in Singapore for that special someone, shop online today at Gnome & Bow and check out our entire collection of USA full-grain leather wallets today. With options to personalise and monogram your wallet, make it a gift to remember with our signature book box packaging and that extra personal touch.

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Sam Andrews

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