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Eugene Lim (@geniemule), is the founder of TheGentlemansPride – a movement that celebrates the modern day gentlemen. In addition, he is also a co-founder of The High Panters – an organisation participating in physical activities armed with the aim to raise funds, awareness or aid for various communities in need.


  1. Hello Eugene, can you tell us a short story about yourself?

Hi :) I am someone who has interests in many things. I’m a Gemini Monkey - curious, playful, always needing to be challenged, outgoing, passionate about many things, whilst at the same time pensive, serious, enjoys time alone and apathetic about many other things. I think these traits have formed the core of who I am - one who always questions and challenges the norm and refuses to settle.

No.55 Emerald Hill – where Eugene recalls fond memories of his childhood 

  1. Why did you choose this location for our interview/photoshoot?
Since I was a kid, I've always had a thing for old objects, or things that people wouldn't pay much attention to. I grew up hoarding old tins, rocks, boxes, furniture etc. Emerald Hill is a stretch that reflects old and new Singapore. It also has sentimental value as I spent some time growing up in my grandparent's old home - No.55 Emerald Hill.

Shoulder strapping our Cypress Backpack in Camel

  1. Can you tell us the story behind geniemule?

It's an anagram for Eugene Lim. 

  1. How did you first get to know the Gentlemen from the TheGentlemansPride? What was your vision for the TheGentlemansPride? How has it shaped your life?
Contrary to popular belief, the Gentleman's Pride (TGP) is not a group made up of a specific roster of men. TGP is actually made up of men who believe in what it stands for - to become a modern day gentleman - being the best version of yourself by taking pride in who you are, what you do and the people around you. The guys who have become a part of TGP are guys who share this same ideology. We have met each other through work, events and friends of friends. As TGP grows, we hope to meet more like-minded guys and we constantly encourage guys to reach out too. Since it was first conceived in a Siglap kopitiam at 3 am in the morning back in 2013, TGP's goal was to always be a platform for men to learn from and to also contribute to. Through this common platform, we hope to inspire, educate and motivate ourselves and men out there, to strive to become modern day gentlemen. For example, we encourage guys to share what being a modern day gentleman means to them by hash tagging #thegentlemanspride on their social media posts so that we can all grow on this journey together.
Do check out our social media accounts:
TGP has influenced me to strive to be a better man. Through the people we meet, the posts that people share, the research that we do - all of these add up to what TGP is about, and each and every story has an influence on shaping who I become.

Eugene is as photo ready as he is photogenic

5i. What does storytelling mean to you?

Storytelling is not just for children. It is a continuous telling of who we are. It is what makes us human. Everything we know today is a result of storytelling, be it through generations of word of mouth, through books, through film, through music, or even through the simple click of a "share" button.

 ii. What is your favourite medium for storytelling?
Word of mouth definitely. I enjoy conversations with people, especially if they can engage in thought provoking conversation or have interesting or different experiences to share.

  1. Do you have any words that you live by?
Not really - the Gemini Monkey in me doesn't allow me to have ONE fixed motto in life. Every year I have a new focus for myself. In 2013 it was "Change". This year it has been to "Trim the Fat" ie. Let go of excess things that hold you back. 

  1. Do you have a favourite fictional story? Why is it your favourite and how has it influenced you?
Star Wars - what is there not to love about it??!!!!!!

  1. Your style can vary from post to post, which is your favourite style and what is your all-time favourite piece?
I don't really have a favorite style or piece. I generally dress according to the occasion, the mood I am in, or something/someone that recently inspired me.

  1. What are some rules/ tips you have that enable you to maintain a visually exciting and versatile ensemble?

Be comfortable. If you are not comfortable in how you look, you cannot be confident. This is not to say, "don't be adventurous". Get out there, try new things but do it at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Book I: The Hare & the Flying Tortoise - Who win the race?

10. Both you and Sofie’s outfits tend to compliment each other; do you coordinate your outfits?

Hahahahha we get asked this quite often. No, we don't. Not that I have anything against people doing the whole "couple wear" thing, but it's just not my thing. Somehow or other though, we often seem to match each other.

11. Do you have any style inspirations?

I get inspiration from my daily interactions. It could be people, buildings, music, film, anything really. In general, I like David Beckham for his classic timeless style, Pharrell Williams for his ever changing style and just about anyone who has the ability to mix and match different looks, brands and genres. The Japanese are quite good at that. Locally, Mr. Has is someone I respect for his sense of style.

12. Name one style you think Men should adopt?

The style would be to dress up appropriately for the occasion. I think it is simply good manners and respect for the host and the people there and it shows that you take pride in them and in yourself.

13. Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

My fashion pet peeve will be people who don't dress appropriately for an occasion.


Getting up close with the Cypress Backpack in Camel

  1. What do you like about your Cypress Backpack and why?
It is sturdy, spacious and looks great! The colour makes it easy to match and the sturdiness makes it reliable. The added top carry handles are also functional and come in very handy. I've taken it on a few overseas trips with me now and it has always been a trusty companion.

Eugene’s Everyday Carry

  1. Can you tell us what are 3-5 everyday essentials that you carry and why?
  • Portable battery pack. I think almost everyone carries one around now. It is definitely a sign of our times and iconic to this decade.
  • Compact camera lens that attaches to my mobile phone. It is small enough to carry around and the lens is sharp enough to convert my phone into a decent compact camera for better photos.
  • In case I get the sudden urge to write something down or sketch out an idea. Some things are better doodled out on a scrap piece of paper or napkin than on the mobile phone.


Rocking his indigo working jacket effortlessly, while pairing it with our Cypresss Backpack in Camel

  1. What is the story behind your outfit for today’s photoshoot?

I usually wear whatever I feel like on the day itself, depending on the mood I am in or whether we are going for any events etc. I figured something comfortable for the shoot, plus an outer layer to layer on because I was attending an event afterwards.

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