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Andrea Chong (@dreachong) is a globetrotter who has been successful in everything she does. Founder of, she is a fashion blogger whom everyone is all too familiar with, a wanderer who never backs down. We got the priviledge to interview Andrea, whom we believe truly embraces the duality of our Jekyll Hyde bags. 


1.  Hi Andrea, can you tell us a short story about yourself?

I started blogging 4 years ago – I never thought of becoming a blogger, it just happened all of a sudden. I got a hosting gig on, and the producer of the show, Gillian, pretty much encouraged me to set up social media accounts to stay in touch with my viewers. The rest they say, is history! I picked up photography, videography and photo-editing skills along the way – it’s good to be proficient in a bit of everything.

2.  Why did you choose this location for our interview/photoshoot?

My boyfriend – who has stolen my Milton Clutch from me – and I met in Chinatown 9 years ago when I was working as a sales promoter in OG! Plus, I love the views from the carpark – it’s one of Singapore’s hidden gems!


Andrea side-slinging our Milton Clutch in style


Stand out with the Olive Maverick Print side of the Milton Clutch


4.  What is your favourite form of storytelling and why? 

Definitely photography – a picture says a thousand words and can inspire, move, and tell a story at one glance. Music speaks a lot to me too – my friends think I internalize and analyse songs a bit too much.

5.  Do you have any words that you live by?

Britney Spears - "Work Bitch", is pretty much my work anthem.

6.  What do you wish to bring to people who know about you?

That I’m actually super silly and chill. I love to be at home, in the most comfortable tee and shorts, without makeup, just being all Singlish and relaxed with friends.


Our Milton Clutch brings out Andrea's classy and edgy look


7.  Your style varies from post to post, which is your favourite style and what is your all-time favourite piece?
I like all things linen and striped, so a striped linen dress is always my go-to comfort piece! If I’m in rush, I like to pull on a blazer-dress, or a tank and culottes combination!
8.  Is there a particular style that defines you or makes you feel comfortable in?
If I could live in T-Shirt and shorts the whole day, I would!


Andrea truly embraces the duality of Book II:Jekyll's Hyde


9.  Do you have any style inspirations?

I love Kendall Jenner, Olivia Palermo and Julie Sarinara!

10.  Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

Not any per se, but I do think people should always dress according to their body proportions!


Comfort and boldness in equal proportions


11.  Can you tell us that what are your everyday essentials that you carry and why?

A functional crossbody (I don’t like bulky bags), my phone, DSLR!

12.  What do you like about the Milton Crossbody Clutch?

I love how it’s sleek and classy on one side, and fun and quirky on the reversible end. Workmanship is great, and it is so functional – my boyfriend carries it out all the time!


" Casual hipster - intellectual vibe " - Andrea Chong 


13.  Describe 3 ways you can style the Milton Crossbody Clutch with.

Go for a utility look by pairing the clutch with a parka, or go for a casual hipster-intellectual vibe by pairing the clutch with a linen top or dress and faux glasses. You can also wear the Milton with an oversized coat for that “fashionable street style” look.



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