Father's Day

Superhero Father's Day Gift Guide

Superhero Father's Day Gift Guide


With Avengers: End Game at the back of everyone's minds and mouths, it's almost impossible to ignore how far the storyline for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has come. Over a period of almost 12 years starting with 2008's Ironman, Phases 1 to 3 have passed and we're now entering Phase 4.

While most movies are fantastic on their own (staying true to the ethos of the original comics while offering sheer entertainment value), it is the linking of each character and storyline into this mind-boggling labyrinth of a universe that truly fascinates – we're certain an omniscient being masterminds this. (Check out this amazingly comprehensive, interactive guide by the Straits Times)

Meanwhile, masterful storytelling involves not only impressive macro-planning and foresight but also insightful character development – the reason we love or hate certain characters. We've come to know each superhero not only for their special abilities but also what makes them tick and what values they believe in.


With Father's Day around the corner, we thought to ourselves what kind of dad each superhero would be like and what gifts would delight them this Father's day.


Dad Traits:
Smart and emotionally reserved
Gifts he'll smash:
A timeless messenger than boasts 2 distinct looks - one for dainty science experiments, the other for clobbering.
So he can get out and have fun! Hulk style.


Dad Traits:
Righteous and kind
Gifts he'll charge:
A trusty handsome everyday bag for work and play.
Speaks of great men with great taste. Inscribe Dad's name or his superhero moniker for something really special.
schaffen watch s65 sport watch


Dad Traits:
Tech-savvy and humorous
Gifts he'll blast:
Made for the globetrotting technopreneur.
For some Tony Stark flair.


Dad Traits:
Strict, but willing to sacrifice anything for you
Gifts he'll claw:
Rugged and made for those weekend field trips.
Overengineered precision tool with vintage hints to boot.


Dad Traits:
Fun-loving and unassuming
Gifts he'll spin:
That solid boardroom of a briefcase.
Lightweight and timeless, great for web-slinging.


Here's to all superhero dads in the universe because they're there to save our day every single time. Happy Shopping.


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