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March 21, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

21st March marks World Poetry Day, proclaimed by UNESCO’s 30th session held in Paris in 1999.

Poetry possesses the uncanny ability to capture the creative spirit of the human mind and communicate the innermost values of diverse cultures. In exploring the dialogue between poetry and art, one needs to look no further than Blackout Poetry.

Today, we entice you with 5 of our favourites.
Indulge in your inner artistic poet.

"Miraculous waves of wonder climbed around her and the desire to start over again was official"

"A flawless sky sunk in the sand a mind clouded with shooting flames"

"Through fragile havens, passengers enter a place between dawn and death"

"In the night, the children talked ofhome in their mangy pack"

"He saved the day and then they were married. Now the pirates are after his organs"

Which is your favourite? We'd love to hear your comments out below.

Interested to try your hand at Blackout Poetry?
Check out this guide.

Feeling a surge of poetic hunger? 




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