Sleigh Christmas Gifting with SantaGreg

Sleigh Christmas Gifting with SantaGreg

Greetings. I'm SantaGreg.

Yes, I am a talking gnome. If you don't believe in talking gnomes, you don't believe in Santa too. But never mind that, you're here because you want to buy a perfect gift.
After thousands of years and Christmases crafting and choosing the right gift... I've made a list, and checked it twice. Here you go,

SantaGreg's Christmas Gifting Checklist:


1. Who's Naughty or Nice?

Yes, my lads and ladies, seems obvious enough - but you have got to think about WHO the gift is for.
Some of us (not the best of us) may just end up buying something that a friend or love one can't even recycle at a 'white-elephant' Christmas party. How rude-olph of you!
Read the Gnome & Bow ABC Christmas Gift Guide for all elf-ing personalities from the adventurous, the bibliophile to the charming.

Shop the our 'ABC' Christmas Gift Guide. 


2. Personalise it 

Aye, my friends, a gift you buy off the shelf deserves you a poison apple. Even Snow White gave her dwarfs names.
My elves and faeries are working hard round the clock to personalise your gift. Initials, names, a romantic quote from Shakespeare, or something "YOLO" if you are in the Tiktok generation.
Let's get creative, life is too short to be boring.
Monogram personalised leather wallet Gnome & Bow
Monogram personalised leather wallet Gnome & Bow
Some monogramming ideas:
"The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe"
"You had me at halo"
"Claus all of me loves all of you" (Thank you John Legend.)

Learn more on our Monogram Guide.


3. Gift Packaging

It's all about the sparkles.
Bags, accessories and bracelets come in a cloth dustbag to protect it from prying eyes and hungry mice. Sometimes, some faerie dust comes with it... those darn faeries keep making me sneeze!
Our wallets come in a storybook box packaging. For Christmas, it's sealed with a ribbon for that extra special touch. It's pretty, my faeries are always trying to tie their hair with it.
You can't go to a party without a gift paper bag. It's complimentary, just opt for it under gift options when you add to cart.
Monogram personalised leather wallet Gnome & Bow
Christmas Gift Leather goods 
Oh my Gnome pants, you didn't know our bags and wallets were magically weaved from storybooks? Read our Brand Story.

4. Write a Christmas Greeting

Gnome & Bow Greeting Card 
In my time, we sent an elf by foot a thousand miles to send a Christmas greeting.
I'll start the ball rolling with a note to my pal, the Grinch.
"Dear Grinch,
Stop trying to steal Christmas, don't be the ghost of Christmas presents. 
Just buy something from Gnome & Bow and let us jingle all the way to the bank.
Yours Merrily,
Opt for a greeting card under gifting options to type your personalised message. Leave the rest to Evie the Elf.
Buying for elf-self? I'll pen one just for you :)
Alright, that's a wrap.
Go now, start shopping.
Put on some wrap music and do the credit card rock.

Yours merrily,


Catch me, SantaGreg, in action here:

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