5 Valentine's Day Couple Outfits, Date and Gift Ideas

5 Valentine's Day Couple Outfits, Date and Gift Ideas
Are you one that fake gags whenever a couple turns up in matching t-shirts that say “Mr Right” and “Mrs Always Right”? I know, we do too.
Here are five style tips to dress as a couple without being cheesy, what to buy him/her to dress the part and some fun date ideas this Valentine’s.

1. Geek out at a cafe-bookshop 

Steal glances at each other as you lounge the cushions of the dreamy corner at The Moon. Lose yourselves in the literary universe, and find yourselves again as you engage in ruminating conversations.

1. Gnome & Bow_Valentines Day Gifts Leather Wallets Bags_library

DRESS UP: We love cute geeks, we know you do too. 

Gents: Go for a pair of checkered pants, wooly vest and bowtie, complete with geeky specs. Pair it with the classic Hare & Tortoise 13" Laptop Messenger Crossbody Sling Bag - a bag inspired by The Hare and Tortoise, watch as the two race across the ziplines.
Ladies: Nothing says geek chic more than a white shirt dress and a checkered vest. Give it some Emily in Paris flair with a classic red beret and cute geeky specs. We love this with the Three Musketeers Athos Small Crossbody Sling Backpack in red - wear it as a backpack or carry it as a cute crossbody.
Couple up: Dress in theme - rather than matching t-shirts or colors, pick a theme for your date and have fun dressing up!

2. Dine in the candlelight

We know who you are… you’re the classy duo that’s always dressed up to the nines for every occasion. Why are you even reading this article?

Strut your way to Les Amis for some Michelin-starred French fare. Gents, remember to grab her some classic red roses and order a bottle of champagne. 


2. Gnome & Bow_Valentines Day Gifts Leather Wallets Bags_romantic

DRESS UP: No better occasion to dress up to the nines. 

Gents: In the words of the great Barney Stinson, “SUIT UP”! Nothing is sexier than a man in a suit. Pair it with the Three Musketeers Porthos Two Tone 14" Laptop Crossbody Sling Briefcase, inspired by Alexander Dumas’ most notable novel, The Three Musketeers

Ladies: You won’t go wrong with your favourite bodycon dress that has been sitting in your wardrobe for the past few months. We like off-shoulder dresses for an ultra feminine romantic look. Pair it with these grey heels from Z_Code_Z and the dusty pink Three Musketeers D'ryna Small Crossbody Sling Handbag.

Couple up: Choose a matching coloured piece of garment. A pink tie for the man in the suit to match the lady’s pretty pink bag and pink striped dress. Simple and classy.




3. Sweat it out at a HIIT class

For the health conscious couple, sign up for a HIIT class at Haus Athletics and have a fun challenge. Then head down to Free the Robot cafe for a delicious brunch and some bulletproof coffee. 


3. Gnome & Bow_Valentines Day Gifts Leather Wallets Bags_sports

DRESS UP: Sports gear, duh! But don’t let your man turn up in his army singlet... 


Gents: Ditch that ugly army singlet and FBT shorts for once. Go for a matching tee and bottom from HIIT from ASOS. For the perfect gym/date look, carry the versatile Three Musketeers Athos 13" Laptop Backpack in taupe. 


Ladies: You know the drill, match match match. We love this affordable simple black sports top and tights from the HIIT collection from ASOS. Carry the matching Three Musketeers D'ryna 14" Laptop Backpack in taupe.


Couple up: For a more subtle matching look, wear something from the same brand – it doesn’t have to be the same.




4. Have a picturesquely perfect picnic

For the outgoing couple that simply can’t stay still, head out for a cycling adventure and land yourselves at the Marina Barrage (8 Marina Gardens Drive) for a picnic paired with Remedy kombucha, Luke’s Organic kale chips. Then dream big together with The Singapore Dream card game.

Dress Up: Good’o blue denim paired with a crisp white tee. Countless combos and always classic.

Gents: Grab your favourite pair of jeans. Make sure they fit and stretch. Pair with a chirpy white tee. Add a dash of personality with colourful taco printed socks. Finally, throw on the Three Musketeers Athos 13" Laptop Backpack to store your munchies and drinks.

Ladies: A day of varied physical activities await, so grab that denim overalls and turn into a quirky spark of energy. Go hands free with the Three Musketeers Athos Medium Backpack, so you can hop, run, skip dance like a free spirit.

Couple up: Matching but yet not exactly the same pieces of clothing. Go for similar colours and materials in different pieces and sizes for that cohesive look. Think your fashion forward music bands and groups.


5. Act like tourists

Never too old to play pretend. Grab your sunnies, sun hats and selfie sticks and down to the Gardens by the Bay and pretend you’re on the set of Avatar at the Cloud Forest. Steal a kiss as you spend the evening sipping cocktails as you watch the sunset over the Esplanade from Spago.

5. Gnome & Bow_Valentines Day Gifts Leather Wallets Bags_holiday

Dress Up: Take out your white linen dresses and shirts.

Gents: If there’s a style hack to keep in your back pocket, it would have to be a white shirt. Pair it with some khakis and the Hare & Tortoise Travel Crossbody Sling Duffel for that casual chic look. 

Ladies: Take the resort look up a notch with a camel hat and a matching funky Jekyll & Hyde Tote (Reversible). Based on the famous Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde book, interact with the bag as you flip from the classic nylon to the wide canvas side.

Couple up: Go for similar materials like linen for a casual resort-look. 







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