January 22, 2016

Ah, Valentine's. The occasion to display your affections for someone publicly with unique and thoughtful gifts. If there is someone who is a perpetual feeling in this world full of temporary things, just like what Sanober Khan wrote, then we're here to ensure that you have ample time to choose the perfect gift for that special someone who appreciates a creative design.




1)  Long Distance 1.0 Watch (Gold) from  Kitmen Keung


Photo: Kitmen Keung


If your significant other is constantly travelling, this unique watch (~S$503.18) will make a memorable gift for the both of you. The special watchface features two dials that can be set to different time zones. One dial for you, and one dial for him. He'll be reminded of you everytime he looks at the watch. It's the watch to ensure that you're constantly on his mind, 24/7, especially when he's overseas.


2)  Bear in the Forest Bow Tie from The Little People


Photo: The Little People

A quirky bow tie (S$47) is the perfect accessory for a preppy gentleman's outfits. Sporting a motif of bears and geometric shapes, it fully exhibits his love for nature and exquisite taste in design. What's more, it comes pre-tied, which makes it an effortless accessory to complete his outfit. It's absolutely the perfect gift to showcase your thoughtfulness and discerning eye for design.


3) Cypress Backpack (Camo) from Gnome & Bow


The gentleman who loves a good story will certainly love our Cypress Backpack (Retailing for  S$415. NOW ON SALE at S$289). Inspired by classic tales of fancy, this bag reimagines the tale of The Hare and The Tortoise by using the zips as race tracks while the zipper tabs feature motifs of the animals. From the 'Start' to the 'Finish', unravel who will emerge triumphant as the animals zip across the bag. Who do you think will win?


4)  Grey Colourburst Umbrellas Pocket Square from Vanda Fine Clothing


Photo: Vanda Fine Clothing


Is your special someone a history and culture buff? This pocket square (S$48.15) made of vintage Japanese kimono silk is the unparalleled gift to win his heart over. Not only does the kimono silk exhibit his love for culture, the umbrella prints on the pocket square are reminiscent of the Wagasa, a traditional Japanese umbrella that bears both historic and cultural significance. What's sexier than a well-dressed and knowledgable man?


5)  King Bulldog Cufflinks in Silver with 18K Gold plating from  Tateossian


Photo: Tateossian


If your other half is someone who loves a little fun and has a great sense of humour, these unique cufflinks (~S$574.29) are sure to make him laugh. These beautifully designed cufflinks feature an incredibly detailed bulldog head with a gold crown, making them the perfect conversation starter. After all, who's ever seen a bulldog wearing a gold crown on its head?


6) Bruce from Freshly Pressed Socks

Photo: Freshly Pressed Socks


For a comic book lover, it can be tough getting a gift for him which he doesn't already have. Instead of getting him figurines and living in the fear that he already owns one, why not get him something to wear instead? This pair of quirky socks (S$10), evidently portraying the strong and incredible Hulk with the distinct colours, will win his geeky heart over almost instantly. That's your secret, you always have an exceptional taste in gifting.


7) Strand Briefcase (Forest Green) from Gnome & Bow


A sleek, well-designed bag is a modern executive's best companion. Inspired by the story of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, our Strand Briefcase (S$385) features luscious leather trimmings and a reversed side that allows him to let his wild side out at the end of the day. Perfect for the calm and composed man with an inner rebel, this luxurious bag will him help transit from his day to night outfit seamlessly.


8) Monkey Teapot from  Este Ceramiche Porcellane


Photo: Paul Smith


A gentleman who enjoys his daily tea will no doubt appreciate an interesting design, such as this teapot (~S$193.28), featuring a monkey with a fez on its head, sitting on a giant snake. This quirky teapot has been carefully designed such that the monkey's tail acts as the handle, the fez as a cover and the snake as a sprout. It's an unparalleled gift that marries both function and design. Now you two can enjoy endless tea sessions together, knowing that he's putting your gift to good use.


9)  Large Stainless Steel Silverback Gorilla from  Poligon


Photo: Paul Smith


If your significant other is someone who loves all things craft or putting things together, this stainless steel gorilla sculpture (~S$691.90) will be an unforgettable gift for him. The metal sculptures arrive in flat sheet form in a black gift-box. The individual components are chemically etched to produce perfectly cut parts, making them easy to fold. The sheet is fixed with magnets so that the individual elements of the sculpture are rapidly assembled by hand into the final piece. He'll love spending time with you while assembling this puzzle piece which is also a great decorative item for his home.


10) Brighton Card Wallet (Deep Sea Blue) from Gnome & Bow


No outfit is complete without our unique Brighton Card Wallet (S$165). Slim in profile and big on style, the wallet is made of luxurious U.S. full grain cow leather and hand-stitched with a red thread binding on its four corners. The modern gentleman will love the versatility of the wallet which is able to fit both notes and cards within it. He'll love the unique contrasting colour of the interior which gives it an additional depth of detail. Monogram it with his initials - he will fall in love with you all over again.





1) Blue (iPhone 6/6S Case) from Julia Kostreva


Photo: Julia Kostreva


If your special someone is always dropping her phone, this iPhone 6/6S case (~S$55) from Julia Kostreva is the perfect solution for her. It's specially designed for the lady who wants to protect her phone while looking chic all at the same time. The impact resistant hard shell plastic case features a bold cobalt stroke that's inspired by ocean waves, giving it a pop of colour. This beautiful case is sure to exhibit your thoughtfulness and win her heart over.


2) Leather Trio Workshop from  Bynd Artisan


Photo: Bynd Artisan


A workshop on making leather pouches and key rings is the perfect gift for the lady who loves handicraft. Treat her to this Leather Trio Workshop (S$108), conducted by the masters behind Bynd Artisan, for her to take a break and enjoy her afternoon. You can also book for 2 and have an amazing craft-making date together. It'll definitely be a unforgettable experience for the both of you with. Just be sure to check out the workshop timings on their website!


3)  Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker Set from  Qualy

Photo: Qualy


Is your other half a good cook or loves to cook? This seasoning shaker set (S$49.90) will be sure to be a delightful surprise for her. Inspired by the four seasons, each shaker includes a tree representing a different season and acts as decor in the kitchen while being fully functional. The spice or seasoning that you put into each shaker adds on to the feel of the season, such as the salt mimicking the effect of snow in the shaker with the pine tree. Stir up her culinary world this Valentine's!


4) Fern (Silicon Bead Necklace) from Mother & Jelly


Photo: Naiise


Is that a baby's cry we hear? Teething can be a painful process for both the baby and the mother. How about getting an accessory to help them both? This special silicon bead necklace (S$32.50) from Mother & Jelly is the perfect gift for your wife. The minimalistic, playful design allows her to still feel chic while being a new mother. What's more, it doubles as a teething toy for the baby and is entirely safe for him/her to have a little chew or nibble on while being in her arms. This is the superb gift to show her that you're the best husband/dad out there!


5) Milton Crossbody Clutch (Forest Green) from Gnome & Bow

The modern woman who's looking to look chic everywhere she goes will absolutely love our Milton Clutch (S$245). Offering a slim, timeless silhouette and an effortless versatility of being both a clutch and a crossbody bag, it's the go-to bag for an evening cocktail at the art exhibition opening or a weekend brunch at her favourite cafe. Our Milton Clutch is also fully-reversible, giving her the option of showing off her poised demeanour or releasing her wild side. We know you love her either way!


6)  Gitte Moon Phase Leather Watch from Skagen


Photo: Skagen


If your special someone loves the night sky, then this watch (~S$193.97) will definitely make her go weak in the knees for you. Featuring the crescent moon as a window on its watch face, this black Skagen watch displays the different phases of the moon throughout the month while allowing its wearer to exude a sense of mystique and elegance. It's an excellent conversation starter for that company dinner she's attending.


7) Onigiri Scarf from Sekai Colori

Photo: Sekai Colori


We all know that it can get rather chilly on the plane. Perfect for the chirpy traveller, this unique onigiri scarf (~S$138.77) will be able to keep her warm during her frequent business travels. Inspired by the versatility of Japanese culture, the scarf features sushi motifs and is made in Germany through ethical and sustainable production methods. What's more, it also doubles up as a headwear!


8) Fir Cardsleeve (Onyx Black) from Gnome & Bow



Less is more. For the woman who has a creative eye and relishes subtle details, this unique card sleeve (S$65) will satisfy her discerning taste. Made of luscious full-grained leather, it features the signature motif of the collection. We strongly urge you to ask her "Who will win the race?" Complete this gift with a monogram of her initials for that personal touch which goes a long way we assure you.


9) Rougenight by JXKL


Photo: JXKL


If your other half loves nature and is an advocate for peace, this beautiful hand-crafted necklace (S$54.90) from JXKL will steal her heart. The couple behind the brand believes that life in a bullet shell can be more powerful than gun powder. Hence, they've chosen to place frozen flowers inside the bullets, which are real flowers that underwent the latest frosting technology to retain its natural and exquisite form. They bloom in a dry and cold environment and close when it's moist and warm, and symbolise eternal love. Truly the epitome of everlasting love in a necklace.


10) Twine Single Bracelet (Oxblood) from Gnome & Bow

With many leather accessories around, it's difficult to find one that sports a unique colour that sets it apart from the rest. The beautiful shade of oxblood on our Twine Single Bracelet (S$48) boasts an refined finish that paints the image of today's metropolitan lady. Get it personalised for that finishing touch!

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