Day 5 with Santa Gnome: 5 Places where Santa Gnome is likely to be spotted

Day 5 with Santa Gnome: 5 Places where Santa Gnome is likely to be spotted

Santa Gnome shares his 5 favourite places he spends his free time, which is why we think you are most likely to spot him there. 

1) Selfoss, Iceland



Laugarvatn Fontana (Picture: Visit South Iceland)


Selfoss lies in the shadow of Mount Hengill, one of forty odd active volcanoes on the island. From November through March, its lava fields and mossy heath are cloaked in snow and illuminated by the fascinating purple dusk of polar twilight. There's also naturally heated water in Iceland that offers various health benefits and geothermal bathing has since become an Icelandic tradition that's deeply rooted in the local culture. These public pools now serve both health and social purposes as locals gather at public pools to unwind and relax after work and to catch up with friends and family. Spot Santa Gnome winding down with his elves in one these pools after a day of hard work.


2) Svalbard, Norway



Aurora in Svalbard (Picture: Rayann Elzein)


Enchanted by the Northern Lights? Svalbard is the perfect place to visit during Christmas to experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights. If you're adventurous with your tastebuds, you can find Norwegian cuisines that comprises of the meat of seal, whale, reindeer (not Rudolph), grouse or arctic char. On rare occasions you may even find polar bear meat on the menu!


3) Lapland, Finland


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort (Picture: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort)


Staying in an igloo is something that you'll never be able to experience in Singapore. Visit the Finnish Lapland for an extraordinary experience. The idyllic surroundings make it the perfect getaway with your special someone. Moreover, you might be next door to Santa and his elves in transit. Immerse yourself in the magical and beautiful Northern Lights!


4) Stratford-upon-Avon, England


Anne Hathaway Cottage (Picture: Royal Shakespeare Company)


Love William Shakespeare? Stratford-upon-Avon's the perfect place to go for the bookworms. Make your Shakespearean experience authentic by watching Shakespeare's plays at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Besides Shakespeare's Birthplace, there're also many beautifully architectures which make the perfect locations for your outfit shots. Be sure you to check out the fireplaces and chimneys every so often and you might catch Santa Gnome in action.


5) Hokkaido, Japan



Rusutsu Ski Resort (Picture: Japan Guide)


If you enjoy doing sports in the cold weather like Santa Gnome and Rudolph, skiing is the perfect activity for you. There are various ski resorts in Hokkaido, and each boasts numerous attractions and facilities. Japan is also famous for her onsen, a hot spring bath that can be both indoors and outdoors. A hot bath after a ski will certainly be a fantastic way to relax. For dinner, visit a sushi restaurant and savour the taste of fresh seafood with a bottle of sake.

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