Why Corporate Gifting is More Important than Ever

Why Corporate Gifting is More Important than Ever

With the abundance of options in terms of both career opportunities and professional service providers, retaining employees and clients can be extremely difficult in today’s competitive markets in and beyond Singapore. However, corporate gifting can help alleviate this issue by acting as a medium through which you show your appreciation and establish stronger interpersonal relations with your respective stakeholders that can boost employee retention rates and the longevity of business-client interconnections.

Augustus Lookbook Collaboration

The Benefits of Gifting Corporate Gifts to Employees and Clients

While corporate gifting can also be practised between businesses and their investors, venture partners, and suppliers, the areas in which the act has the most significant impact in Singapore are those between businesses and their treasured employees and clients. There are numerous benefits entailed by upper management and team leaders gifting corporate gifts to their employees, clients, or even both!

Book Luggage Tag with 2-line Name Personalisation

Book Luggage Tag with 2-line Name Personalisation

Bookmark Mini Luggage Tag

Bookmark Mini Luggage Tag with Name Personalisation

1. Corporate gifting helps create a positive work environment — giving corporate gifts to your employees in Singapore can help show them that you appreciate their hard work and effort. This, in turn, can lead to a more positive work environment and improve employee satisfaction. It doesn’t even have to be a big gift that you spend hundreds on; even a simple, sleek Bookmark Mini Luggage Tag or Book Luggage Tag for an employee going overseas to strike a deal with a prospective client can do wonders in this regard.

Gulliver Slim Card Holder (RFID Waxed Leather)

Gulliver Slim Card Holder with Envelope Packaging

Gulliver Name Card Holder with Name Personalisation

Gulliver Name Card Holder with Name Personalisation

2. Corporate gifting helps build relationships — giving corporate gifts to your clients in Singapore is a great way to show them that you value their business. This can help you build and strengthen customer relationships, leading to repeat business orders and even turning some of your most loyal clients into informal brand ambassadors. Feel free to get creative in this department, and gift a Gulliver Slim Card HolderWalt Slim Card Holder or Gulliver Name Card Holder with your name card inside such that your clients are constantly reminded of you. 

Gulliver B7 Passport Notebook Holder (RFID Nappa Leather)

Gulliver B7 Passport Notebook Holder with Signature Book Box Packaging

Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallets with Name Personalisation

Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallets with Name Personalisation

3. Corporate gifting is cost-effective — even with regards to more premium corporate gifts in Singapore’s market, corporate gifting can be an extremely cost-effective way to show your appreciation and reap eventual returns. When done right, corporate gifts can leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank, no matter whether it is with regards to improved productivity in the workplace or better business relations with your clients. Options you may consider include quality leather goods such as Gnome & Bow’s Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallet or Gulliver B7 Passport Notebook Holder for frequent travellers.

Hare & Tortoise 13" Laptop Crossbody Sling Briefcase

Hare & Tortoise 13" Laptop Crossbody Sling Briefcase

4. Corporate gifting is unique — corporate gifts are often more unique than other types of gifts that are exchanged in Singapore, in that they are nuanced to a professional context in both setting and function. Although the practice can be a little trickier to get right, doing so can make both the gift and the act of corporate gifting itself more memorable and significant. After all, receiving a full-grain leather briefcase for a job well done is much more momentous than getting merely some praise and a pat on the back. 

Book Slim ID Card Holder Custom Lanyards

Book Slim ID Card Holder Custom Lanyards

Book Slim ID Card Holder Custom Lanyards with Name Personalisation

Book Slim ID Card Holder Custom Lanyards with Name Personalisation

5. Corporate gifting is personal — corporate gifts are a great way to show your clients or employees that you care about them on a personal level, which is an aspect that can go a long way in Singapore’s fast-paced economy. Even when practising the act of corporate gifting en masse, adding a personal touch to your gift items does not need to be cumbersome. For example, you can simply go with Gnome & Bow’s Book Slim ID Card Holder Custom Lanyards personalised with each giftee’s initials, thereby making each gift personal while not having the act of corporate gifting take up too much time unnecessarily.

Fulfilling all of the above, Gnome & Bow’s selection of leather goods are sure to meet all your corporate gifting needs. You can even take it a step further and collaborate with us to create unique leather gifts that tell a story of your brand. Many before you have already done so — the likes of American Express, Tiger Beer, Augustman, and Knight Frank being but the first few of many. WhatsApp us today to etch your logo for instant brand recognition and turn corporate gifts into thoughtful and distinct masterpieces.

Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallets with company logo and personalised message

Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallets with company logo and personalised message.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Giving Corporate Gifts in Singapore

When it comes to corporate gifting, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, consider the type of corporate gift you want to give. There are many different types of corporate gifts you can find in Singapore, from the aforementioned customised lanyards to laptop backpackspassport walletsand even gift cards. Narrow it down to a few favoured items to simplify the process. 

Second, think about who you are giving the corporate gift to. Is it for an employee or a client? What are their nuanced needs? Be sure that the corporate gift you go with is something that is meaningful, preferably on as personal a level as possible (without being inappropriate). 

Third, consider the budget you have for corporate gifting and your reason for doing so. Determine whether a premium corporate gift or a simple one would be more apt for your budget and intent. 

Other tips to keep in mind when giving corporate gifts in Singapore include: 
  1. Choose quality gifts that are, in some way, relevant to your company’s product or services when corporate gifting to a client in Singapore. 

  2. Include a personal message with each corporate gift you give, making sure that it clearly expresses what you would like to show your appreciation for, specifically. 

  3. Practicality of the gifts - Some of the best corporate gifts you can get in Singapore are those that the giftee can use on a daily basis and for a long period of time, such that the instances where they are reminded of your appreciation are more numerous in nature. 

  4. Take into consideration the distinct brand preferences or dress style of your giftees when shopping for corporate gifts in Singapore. 

  5. While you want your corporate gift to be unique and personal, ensure that it is appropriate for working relations and contexts, and always keep it professional. 

Gnome & Bow Wallet Packaging Personalised Greeting Card Book Box Paper Bag - Gift Perfect Flay Lay

Discover Premium Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Explore Gnome & Bow’s wide range of premium corporate gifts for the best leather goods in and beyond Singapore. Blending function and fashion with unrivalled savoir-fare, these corporate gifts are sure to meet all your business to the full. Shop Gnome & Bow online and find the perfect corporate gift today!

*As of 1st September 2022, the beloved HUXLEY and BERNHARD fonts that have served as staple personalisation options for the past five years have since been discontinued. In their place stands our NEW FONT at Gnome & Bow. Also, based on collected feedback, we have increased our name personalisation character limit from 5 to 10 characters, such that the Melissas, Amandas, Jonathans and Benjamins of the world can now join the party in full glory.

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