CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE 2019: 6 personalities, 18 spot-on gifts

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE 2019: 6 personalities, 18 spot-on gifts


6 personalities, 18 spot-on gifts

Gifting seems to be getting harder these days with the vast variety of options to choose from. We believe that thoughtful gift starts from understanding your giftees - what's his/her style, what's his/her belief, what makes him/her tick?

To make your shopping easier, we broke down six personality types to help you identify a personality that best fits your giftee. Did you find your personality type?



Sun Seeker Traits:
A People-person.
Enjoys exhilarating activities and the outdoors, especially the beach. 

Waves he'll crash:

The jetsetter's ideal getaway accessory.

The ultimate spyware at the beach.

The gold detailing elevates these swim shorts into an all day shorts.


Hipster Traits:
A unique character with an undeniable charm.
In love with all things vintage and unconventional. 

Gifts she'll rock:

The lady of the moment - smart, charismatic and determined to make a change for a cause she believes in.

Accentuate womanly features while dipping into the 80s.

No accessories are enough for a non-mainstream fashion sensibility.



Go-Getter Traits:
A busy man, bound by time doused in the sense of professionalism.
Needs everything quick and slick.


Gifts he'll cherish:

That solid boardroom of a briefcase.

Made for the globetrotting technopreneur.

An authentic, reliable vintage-inspired timepiece.  



Minimalist Traits:
A Simple Lady. 
“Nothing too Flashy.”


Gifts she'll love:

Cleanly lined and finely detailed, what more could she want?

Practical and Elegant. 

An ode to classy femininity.  



Fashionista Traits:
The polar opposite of The Minimalist. 
Likes everything with character. 

Gifts he'll treasure:

 Exudes an understated simplicity that speaks volumes.

Versatile and cool for both men and women living the city life in style.

The soft lustre of multi-faceted hematite beads is a nod to ancient opulence and modern spirit.



Audiophile Traits:
Headphones in, not a care in the world.
Being in trance with music.

Gifts he'll spin:

The jack-knife of bags, the spacious interior nest all your favourite pastimes.

The gateway to your mobile concert.

Bring together a radical gang of creative misfits.


Here's to everyone’s uniqueness. Happy Shopping.

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