The 8 Best Leather Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

The 8 Best Leather Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better way to show your loved ones how much you care than with a unique leather gift for her or him? After all, leather gifts from Gnome & Bow are not only stylish and timeless, but they also convey a message of luxury and sophistication. Whether you're looking for a gift for your significant other, your best friend, or even your boss, a personalised leather present is sure to impress at any gift exchange.

Here are 8 best leather Christmas gift ideas for 2022 in Singapore:

Christmas Present Ideas from The Three Musketeers Collection 

First up, we have The Three Musketeers Collection of leather bags, wallets, and bracelets that make for perfect gifts to invoke a sense of togetherness like no other. This Christmas, remind your loved ones that they are never truly alone in all things they do, and that you always have their backs (both proverbially and quite literally if you so choose to go with a bag). 

With the famous quote from this beloved tale stitched unto the leather — Un pour tous, Tous por un; All for one, one for all — your loved one will have a constant reminder of your camaraderie with them, and the confidence to tackle all things that come their way knowing they are supported.

1. The Musketeer Athos Laptop Backpack

The Musketeer Athos 13” Laptop Backpack is the perfect luxury leather gift for himDiscreetly combining sleek contours with a bounty of thoughtful compartments for daily swashbuckling, this bag makes for the perfect personalised leather gift for men in Singapore. The dedicated laptop compartment and trolley sleeve luggage slot also makes this a rather versatile gift, for your loved ones who need a trusty work or travel companion regardless. If laptop sizing is of concern, browse our Musketeer Dryna 13"/14"/15" Laptop backpack which allows you to fit laptop sizes of up to 15 inches.

2. The Musketeer Dryna Medium Leather Handbag

Musketeer Dryna Medium Handbag (Leather)
Inspired by a female reimagination of the male protagonist, D’Artagnan, the Musketeer Dryna Medium Handbag exudes effortless charm while commanding a presence with its unique asymmetric trapezium structure. This luxury leather gift for her features a generous opening leading to a capacious interior that holds all the daily essentials your loved one will need. If your loved one prefers smaller bags, we do have one in a smaller size that’s great for petite females - Musketeer Dryna Small HandbagBoth sizes also come with a hidden detachable zip pouch and cotton blend herringbone lining, doubling as a chic and functional Christmas gift idea for any woman in Singapore.

3. The Musketeer Louis Two-Tone Card Holder

Musketeer Louis Two Tone Slim Card Holder
Simple yet overtly stylish, the Musketeer Louis Two-Tone Card Holder over delivers on both style and functionality. Designed to be compact  and sleek while its supple leather body gets packed with whatever you choose to fill it with, this luxury leather gift idea is a practical item for both him and her, and will undoubtedly make a delightful present for Christmas 2022.

Christmas Present Ideas from the Gulliver’s Travel Collection

Then, there’s also the Gulliver’s Travel Collection at Gnome & Bow Singapore with numerous leather items that make for the perfect Christmas gift ideas. Just as how the adventurer’s tale tells of grateful learning and humility, luxury leather gifts for him and her from this curated collection can meaningfully convey gratitude and recognition to your loved ones. 

Filled with tiny features that provide big impacts, your loved one will feel safer and more prepared than ever before as they embark on their next out-of-the-world adventure.

4. The Gulliver Coin Pouch Bifold Wallet

Gulliver Coin Pouch Bifold Wallet (RFID Waxed Leather)

The quintessential wallet for any avid traveller, the Gulliver Coin Pouch Bifold Wallet easily organises two currencies, up to 14 cards, and all your coins in a slim and sleek profile befitting of any modern man in Singapore. Furthermore, this  luxury leather gift for him also sports RFID-protection against credit card fraud and identity theft, along with dedicated phone SIM card and pin slots. Altogether the perfect Christmas gift idea for any globe-trotting man in your life.

5. The Gulliver Long Wallet


Gulliver Long Wallet (RFID Nappa Leather)


Capable of organising four different currencies, up to 28 cards, and all your coins and receipts in a sleek, stylish design, the Gulliver Long Wallet is the go-to companion for frequent travellers who look to be always prepared and protected. Made from Nappa RFID leather, this secure and convenient wallet also comes with dedicated phone SIM card and pin slots, making it the best luxury gift for her and her travels beyond the confines of Singapore.

Christmas Present Ideas from The Hare & The Tortoise Collection

The third collection in our list of great Christmas gift ideas for 2022 is none other than The Hare & The Tortoise Collection from Gnome & Bow. These luxury leather goods make for compelling presents that can inspire and motivate your loved one to always be resilient and steadfast in their pursuits — there’s nothing that quite says “never give up” like a leather companion for all one’s daily races.

6. The Hare & Tortoise Laptop 3-Way Tote Backpack

Hare & Tortoise 13 Inch and 14 Inch Laptop 3-way Tote Backpack (Canvas Leather)

With the hustle and bustle of Singapore life, the versatile Hare & Tortoise Laptop 3-Way Tote Backpack is the perfect carrying option that rises to any occasion. Featuring a dual-zip design reminiscent of the race between everyone’s favourite rivals from Aesop’s timeless fables, this unique leather gift for him or her provides versatility for every style and event. 

The trolley sleeve luggage slot and shock-absorbent 13” or 14” laptop compartment allow the wearer to neatly organise their tech and breeze through café hops and airport security when in a rush against time. Tote it by lush handles or backpack it when racing towards an objective, the Hare & Tortoise Laptop 3-Way Tote Backpack is bound to be a faithful companion to whoever receives it as a Christmas present. 

7. The Hare & Tortoise 13 Inch Laptop Messenger Crossbody Sling Bag

Hare & Tortoise 13" Laptop Messenger Crossbody Sling Bag (Canvas Leather)

For loved ones that may be looking for a  stylish laptop bag, the Hare & Tortoise 13" Laptop Messenger Crossbody Sling Bag makes for a perfect Christmas gift idea. 

Be it for him or for her, this luxury leather gift is the ideal present for those in need of a classy laptop bag for daily use! To keep the laptop protected, there’s a shock-absorbent neoprene compartment alongside multiple interior pockets to provide easy storage of smaller gadgets such as cables or USB thumb drives. With a crossbody strap, your loved one need not worry about lugging heavier items and they can even switch out the crossbody strap for added versatility in style, making it an ideal gift for both functionality and style!

Christmas Present Ideas from the Jekyll & Hyde Collection

Finally, there’s also the Jekyll & Hyde Collection of leather goods to pick your Christmas gift ideas for 2022 from. While conceptually distant from the season of giving at first glance, these luxury leather gifts make great presents for loved ones that while seemingly opposite of oneself, completes one, nonetheless. 

8. The Jekyll & Hyde Phone Crossbody Clutch
 The Jekyll & Hyde Phone Crossbody Clutch is the perfect Christmas gift idea for her. Reversible, lightweight, and water-resistant, the stylish leather bag can be flipped to feature either a sophisticated simplicity or wild spontaneity, depending on the occasion or the wearer’s mood. The detachable strap also allows for easy styling of outfits for evening cocktails and hands-free weekends out, making it a versatile luxury leather gift for just about any woman in Singapore.

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Complete Your Christmas Shopping at Gnome & Bow Singapore

Whatever luxury leather gift you choose to go with, choosing to get them from Gnome & Bow not only assures you the best quality leather and highest levels of craftmanship, but also the option to customise your leather gifts to make them truly unique for your giftee. Whether it’s a bag or wallet for him or for her, the simple act of getting them personalised can make a world of difference this Christmas. 

Enjoy your festive holiday shopping at Gnome & Bow with our Christmas sales!

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Place your orders with us by 11th December 2022 for International orders and 18th December for local Singapore orders to get your Christmas gifts delivered on time to your loved ones! 

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