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April 21, 2022 4 min read

Mothers and mother-figures alike are an indispensable pillar of society. And once a year—across the entire globe—we celebrate them as an expression of respect, honour, and love for their seemingly superhuman nature and prowess. 


This year, Mother’s Day falls on the 8th of May — while there is still some time left, husbands and children should really get started on their gift-hunting soon; that annual quest for the elusive perfect something that can best express their appreciation and emotions.
At Gnome & Bow, we understand how nerve-wrecking such an endeavour can be. Which is why we’ve curated this Mother’s Day gift guide for the sole purpose of helping you in your hunt for the best luxury gifts for mothers in Singapore. And there is undoubtedly no better Mother’s Day present than custom leather gifts for her made unique through thoughtful personalisation. 

Leather Gifts for Mother’s Day

From historical times of the wild west to modern civilisation today, leather persists as a universal symbol of power and protection — two characteristics synonymous with the role of being a mother. What better gift is there to celebrate their strength and resilience on Mother’s Day? 

Here are three unique leather gifts for her that deliver perfect expressions of appreciation for what mothers do:

1. Leather Bags

Customised leather bags make practical and stylish gifts for any mother — two things that rarely come hand-in-hand in luxury gifts for her. Shop Gnome & Bow’s collection of full-grain leather bags in Singapore to find the perfect one for the mother you love.

 Three Musketeers Crossbody Sling Saddle Bag

Juggling work and motherly duties is no simple task, and it can be easy for those doing so to feel alone at times. This year, show mothers your appreciation for their being an integral part of the family unit, while also reminding them that they are never alone with a customised leather bag from our Three Musketeer Collection such as the Three Musketeers Crossbody Sling Saddle Bag.

Hidden Engraving on Three Musketeers Constance Two Tone Crossbody Sling Saddle B

Inspired by Alexander Dumas’ most notable work, this curated collection features all kinds of leather bags that can make for great gifts for any supermom in Singapore. Each comes brandished with the words “Tour por un” and “Un por tour”, reminders mothers can carry around with them and know they’re never alone and that their hard work is never unnoticed.

 Three Musketeers Dayna Crossbody Handbag

Take your pick from backpacks, to handbags, to cross-body slings and more. Our Three Musketeers Dayna Crossbody Handbag is an iconic design that makes it easy for your mother to carry all her daily essentials be it for work or for a leisure shopping trip on the weekends! Whatever your choice, just be sure to keep the mother’s needs in mind when making a decision and she’s sure to love whichever you get as a personalised leather gift for her this year.

2. Leather Wallets, Card Holders, and Passport Holders

Alternatively, you can get other customised leather goods for mothers in Singapore that they may be in more urgent need of. For example, if you’ve noticed that the mother you’re buying a gift for has a dated wallet or card holder that she frequently uses, simply scour Gnome & Bow’s wallet collection to find the best personalised leather wallet or customised card holder in Singapore to gift to the mom-in-question this Mother’s Day!

Edith Long Wallet (RFID)

For the Jill-in-all-trades mother, gift her an Edith Long Wallet to empower her with the space to keep her countless cards, cash, and thingamajigs organised, inspired by the late multi-talented Edith Wharton herself.

As for mothers who prefer travelling light and compact, the Envelope Flap Coin Pouch Card Holder and Small Bifold Wallet can offer them the functionality of a full-sized purse but packed compactly into a customised leather good that fits neatly in their palms.

Herman Passport Notebook Holder (RFID)

And for mothers who prefer charting their own stories and staying atop all matters at hand, the Herman Passport Notebook Holder or Cash & Coin Passport Wallet can make for the perfect everyday companion to accompany them on their many adventures.

Adding a Personal Touch

As mentioned before, gifts are not only great ways to express appreciation and gratitude, but also to convey emotions and personal messages. Personalising your Mother’s Day gift can make it truly unique and add a deeper layer of meaning, allowing the mother you’re gifting it to to truly feel special. 

At Gnome & Bow, many of our leather gifts and goods for her can be personalised and customised to make one-of-a-kind. Be sure to leverage this and include a personal touch to whatever you purchase, such that the mother who receives it gets more than just a standard gift — a personalised leather gift for her and her alone.

Ideas for leather personalisation can include:

- Mother’s name, nickname, or initials

- Your name, nickname, or initials along with your regards (e.g., “Love, xxx”)

- Date of your only child’s birth when she first became a mother (if applicable)

- Famous quote, saying, or lyrics that remind you of them

- Their favourite book’s title tweaked to capture her essence (e.g., “The Misadventures of Lin-Lin")


Just be sure to check what personalisation options are available for the specific leather gift of your choosing. Generally, most of our customised leather bags in Singapore offer a 5- or 10-character limit while our wallets, card holders, and passport holders offer a 5-character limit along with a 1- or 2-line book title monogram.

Celebrate Mothers with Gnome & Bow

So, look no further for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Head over to Gnome & Bow and enjoy our Mother’s Day Sale on personalised leather gifts and goods. For this year’s sale, you’ll get to enjoy 10% off storewide on purchases of 2 items as well as 20% off storewide on purchases of 3 items. Be sure to place your order early to ensure a timely delivery of your gift!

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