Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Personalised Leather Gifts Perfect for Mothers

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Personalised Leather Gifts for Mom

Mothers and mother figures form an indispensable pillar of society. Once a year — across the entire globe — we celebrate them together as an expression of love and respect. While there’s still time left before 14th May this year, husbands and children in Singapore should get started on their gift-hunting if they want to find the perfect Mother’s Day present in time.

At Gnome & Bow, we understand how nerve-wracking this all can be, which is why we’ve curated this Mother’s Day gift guide: To help you in your hunt for the best luxury gifts for her. And when it comes to finding the perfect personalised present, there is no doubt that leather goods make for ideal solutions.

Unique Leather Gifts for Her

From historical times of the wild west to modern civilisation today, leather persists as a universal symbol of power and protection — two characteristics synonymous with the role of being a mother. What better gift is there then to celebrate the strength and resilience unique to mothers on this special day?

Here are 10 unique leather gift ideas for her that deliver perfect appreciation for what mothers do:

1. Musketeer Dryna Small Handbag


Musketeer Dryna Small Handbag (Leather)



Musketeer Dryna Small Handbag (Leather)


Sophisticated and compact, the Dryna Small Handbag is ideal for bustling mums who prefer a lightweight bag for quick errands. Crafted from premium leather, this handbag ensures durability while exuding timeless elegance. The adjustable strap and magnetic flap closure offer secure storage and comfortable wear. Inside, a zip pocket keeps valuable items safe, while card slots ensure easy access to her most-used cards. A dainty yet practical ladies’ handbag, it's the perfect leather companion for mums in Singapore who are always on the move.

2. Dryna Medium Crossbody Handbag


Musketeer Dryna Medium Handbag (Leather)


The Dryna Medium Crossbody Handbag is a stylish choice for mums who require a bit more space. The unique blend of premium leather and water-resistant nylon caters to a chic, practical lifestyle led by many mothers in Singapore. With a larger main compartment and an additional zip pocket, it's perfect for days when she needs to carry a few extra items. The adjustable strap ensures comfort, while the card slots offer easy organisation. It's a versatile Mother's Day gift for the ladies in our life who effortlessly juggle multiple roles.

3. Dryna Large Crossbody Handbag


Musketeer Dryna Medium Handbag (Nylon Leather)


For the mum who needs ample space for her belongings, the Dryna Large Crossbody Handbag is the ultimate solution. This roomy handbag features a large main compartment, an interior zip pocket, and multiple card slots, providing ample space for her essentials. The combination of water-resistant nylon and premium leather ensures durability and style. The adjustable strap of this ladies’ handbag also guarantees a comfortable fit for all, making it perfect for mums in Singapore with extremely busy schedules.

4. Athos Small Crossbody Backpack


Musketeer Athos Small Crossbody Backpack (Leather)



Musketeer Athos Small Crossbody Backpack (Leather)


The Athos Small Crossbody Backpack is a delightful choice for mums who desire a versatile yet fashionable backpack. This ingenious leather backpack can also double as a sling bag, adapting effortlessly to various occasions — just as mothers do. Its waterproof material safeguards belongings from unpredictable weather, while the multiple compartments ensure impeccable organisation of any ladies’ daily essentials. A perfect Mother's Day gift for spontaneous, adventurous mums in Singapore, the Athos Small Crossbody Backpack will not disappoint.

5. Athos Leather Medium Backpack


Musketeer Athos Medium Backpack (Leather)



Musketeer Athos Medium Backpack (Leather)


Elegant and functional, the Athos Leather Medium Backpack is the ideal companion for mums in Singapore who require a roomy yet stylish backpack. The main compartment has two interior pockets, effortlessly holding an umbrella, water bottle, and long wallet, ensuring she's ready for any situation. This ladies’ backpack can also hold an 11" laptop or iPad Air Tablet, coupled with a front pocket that provides easy access to women’s essentials.

6. Three Musketeer Athos Laptop Backpack

For the refined mum who values a harmonious blend of style and utility, the Three Musketeers Athos Leather Laptop Backpack is the ultimate choice. This sophisticated ladies’ backpack features a dedicated 13”/14” laptop compartment for secure storage of her work devices, alongside a separate pocket with ample room for her daily must-haves. Crafted from luxurious leather, its design exudes nuanced sophistication. The adjustable shoulder straps and convenient trolley sleeve also provide added comfort and versatility, making this backpack the perfect Mother's Day gift idea for dynamic, on-the-go mums in Singapore.

7. Dryna Leather Laptop Backpack

Musketeer Dryna 14"/15" Laptop Backpack (Leather)
Musketeer Dryna 14"/15" Laptop Backpack (Leather)

The Dryna Leather Backpack showcases a captivating design suitable for mums who have a liking for the eccentric. With a separate padded compartment for a 13" laptop or tablet, it caters especially to professional creatives who like to have their tools always at hand. This ladies’ backpack's main compartment and multiple pockets guarantee seamless organisation, while the water-resistant nylon and premium leather fusion ensures durability. Adjustable shoulder straps also offer optimal comfort, making it an exceptional Mother's Day gift for mums who effortlessly balance work and family life.

8. Gulliver Zip Crossbody Wallet Bag

Gulliver Zip Long Wallet Crossbody Phone Bag (RFID Nappa Leather)


Gulliver Zip Long Wallet Crossbody Phone Bag (RFID Nappa Leather)


Designed with travellers in mind, the Gulliver Zip Crossbody Phone Bag is a sophisticated and functional choice for mums who frequently embark on adventures. Crafted from exquisite Nappa leather, this compact women’s wallet bag marries style and practicality. An adjustable strap ensures comfortable wear, while the RFID-blocking technology keeps her cards secure during her travels. With multiple card slots, a zip compartment, and a dedicated passport pocket, her essentials will be perfectly organised. Surprise her this Mother's Day with a gift that complements her wanderlust spirit.

9. Jekyll & Hyde Reversible Mini Crossbody Clutch

Jekyll & Hyde Crossbody Clutch Phone Bag (Reversible)

A true testament to the dual nature of every mother, the Jekyll & Hyde Reversible Mini Crossbody Clutch is perfect for mums in Singapore who love to express individuality. This innovative accessory showcases a reversible design, offering her two distinct looks in one: a sleek, classic leather side that’s simple and unassuming; and a vibrant, wilder side that adds a pop of personality. The detachable, adjustable strap allows for a seamless transition from a crossbody bag to a fashionable clutch. With a secure magnetic snap closure and interior card slots and slip pocket, her essentials will be safe and organised at all times. Celebrate her unique spirit this Mother's Day with this one-of-a-kind, versatile gift from Gnome & Bow.

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Mother’s Day Gift


Envelope Flap Long Wallet Crossbody Phone Bag (RFID)


As mentioned before, gifts are not only great ways to express appreciation and gratitude, but also to convey emotions and personal messages. Personalising your Mother’s Day gift can make it truly unique and add a deeper layer of meaning, allowing the mother you’re gifting it to to truly feel special.

At Gnome & Bow, many of our leather gifts can be personalised to include a personal touch:

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gift Personalisation:

- Mother’s name, nickname, or initials
- Your name, nickname, or initials along with your regards (e.g., “Love, xxx”)
- Date of your only child’s birth when she first became a mother (if applicable)

Just be sure to check what personalisation options are available for the specific leather gift of your choosing. Generally, most of our ladies’ leather bags in Singapore offer a 5 to 10 character limit; while our women’s wallets, women’s coin and holders, and passport wallets for women offer a 5 to 15 character limit, depending on the item!

Celebrate Mothers with Gnome & Bow

So, look no further for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Head over to Gnome & Bow and enjoy our Mother’s Day Sale on personalised leather gifts and goods. For this year’s sale, enjoy $25 off $200 min. spend with [MUM25] and $50 off $300 min. spend with [MUM50]! Don’t miss this chance to show appreciation to your beloved Mum! Be sure to take note of our shipping details and place your order soon:


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