PITTI UOMO 91: Dance meets Fashion

PITTI UOMO 91: Dance meets Fashion
Pitti Uomo 91
Photo: Pitti Uomo
The streets of Florence are once again brightened up with bands of suavely dressed gentlemen, sporting a plethora of fashionable clothes and accessories ranging from full three-piece suits to handstitched bomber jackets; if you can name it, it’ll likely be there.

It’s not uncommon for these gentlemen (and ladies, of course) to stop by the street side and have their individual styles photographed for magazines, fashion blogs or even their own Instagrams. This is all thanks to the bi-annual leading men’s fashion week – Pitti Uomo.
This season’s theme is “Pitti Dance Off”, bringing a fresh reinterpretation of dance and fashion to the 91st edition of the fashion fair. The two areas of dance and fashion are often considered diverse forms of expression, so it’s easy to see how sparks can really fly when the dynamism of dance meets the vibracy of fashion.

We put this concept to the test and through our imagination. Here are 4 great looks from Pitti 91 that conjured a unique dance form in our heads.
Photo: Hypebeast
1. Black & Silver Pinstripe Blazer (Rogues of London)
2. Navy Pinstripe Wool Blend Relaxed Fit Cropped Smart Trousers (Topman)
3. Cypress Backpack in Jet Black (Gnome & Bow)
4. TJ Wingtip Oxford (Nunn Bush)
5. Piso Money Clip Billfold (Gnome & Bow)
6. Clubmaster in Matte Black (Ray-Ban)
7. White shirt and black tie (Gucci)
8. Archive Scout Brook Stainless Steel and Stonewashed Webbing Watch (Timex)
9. 3CM Grey Woven Suede Belt (Anderson's)
The Dance: Popping
Popping is a street dance that’s one of the original funk styles hailing from Fresno California in the late 1960s. Based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer’s body, it is often done continuously to the song’s snares and beats in combination with various poses and movements. This dance genre is often integrated with closely related illusionary dance styles like waving, tutting and animation as well.

The Fashion Inspiration
While this dance genre is now often accompanied with simple loose t-shirts and baggy pants, old school poppers typically wore oversized suits with pin-stripe patterns to accent both the strength and sharpness of their dance moves. While most streetwear styles emphasize on being comfortable and minimalist, it’s not uncommon for poppers to come in a three-piece suit for performances or battles.
Photo: Pitti Uomo
1. Balsa Duffel in Camouflage (Gnome & Bow)
2. Silver Aluminium Case w/ White Sport Band (Apple)
3. Alden Folio in Camouflage (Gnome & Bow)
4. Air Force 1 Low iD (Nike)
5. White Beanie (Supreme)
6. Arran Two-Tone Cashmere Scarf (Begg & Co)
7. Richard Melange Merino Wool Rollneck Sweater (NN07)
8. Silk & Cashmere-Blend Sweatpants (Loro Piana)
9. Lemtosh Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses (Moscot)
The Dance: Hip Hop
A subcultural art movement formed in the late 1960s in New York City, hip-hop is now one of the most popular and widespread dance styles across the world. It is often associated with multiple dance genres such as breaking, popping and locking, due to sharing common grounds in their street origins and their improvisational nature.

The Fashion Inspiration

The fashion involved with hip-hop often involve established sportswear such as tracksuits, bomber jackets and sneakers. This culture is mostly resultant from the influence of hip-hop icons in the earlier days of its origins, who wore brightly-coloured sportswear. While the culture of sportswear is still widespread nowadays for dancers of this genre, colours in relatively muted tones are becoming more popular.
Photo: Pitti Uomo
1. Kirk Hare & Cashmere-Blend Felt Trilby (Loro Piana)
2. 8.5cm Woven Silk Tie (Charvet)
3. Basic Weave Waistcoat (Tom Ford)
4. Twine Double Bracelet in Oxblood (Gnome & Bow)
5. Black Smart Trousers (Selected Homme)
6. Fir Cardsleeve in Oxblood (Gnome & Bow)
7. Saint Emilion Polished-Leather Oxford (Berluti)
The Dance: Jazz
Originating from the late 1800s, jazz dance is often related to several related dance styles such tap dancing, ballet and even African-American rhythms. While jazz dancers’ sharp movements emphasize the downbeat of the music, center control is also vital in jazz techniques. Jazz dance has now evolved into a smoother style that is known as modern jazz, unlike its counterpart tap dancing which branched off on its own.

The Fashion Inspiration
Jazz performers in the scene often appear suave in their slightly loose formal attires, often accompanied by either a contrasting waistcoat or suspender, as well as the classic fedora that never runs out of style. Additionally, a loose tie or dangling bowtie can be spotted from your seat at Broadway amongst the male jazz dancers.
Photo: Hypebeast
1. Cotton-Gabardine Hooded Trench Coat (Burberry)
2. Aviator Large Metal in Silver (Ray-Ban)
3. Beige Trench Coat (Burberry)
4. Wool-Twill Flat Cap (Prada)
5. Clifford Backpack in Khaki Maverick (Gnome & Bow)
6. Regent Billfold in Midnight Blue (Gnome & Bow)
7. Portland Leather-Trimmed Suede Tasselled Loafers (Edward Green)
8. Virgin Wool Trousers (Lanvin)
The Dance: Ballroom Dance
Often involving a pair of dancers (mostly a man & woman) dancing separately from other pairs, ballroom dances are mainly separated into two types – Standard Ballroom and Latin Ballroom. Each of these two subgenres are further broken down into many forms ranging from the Waltz and Tango to Rumba and Jive.
The Fashion Inspiration
While all of these dances can be done socially, they also exist in the competitive scene. Most importantly, it is vital for pairs to have attires of complementing colour to attract the attention of judges. Regardless of fashion events or dance floors, the couple wear is what brings that A-game up to a whole new level as nothing else speaks as much volume as coordinated attires.
Visit them on their website or follow them on their Instagram for the full Pitti experience.
To end off this season, here's a little fun we had with our very own take on #pittidanceoff.

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