Beyond Functionality: How Your Bag is a Way to Express Your Personality

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A bag isn’t just a functional item or an accessory to be left as an afterthought. Going way beyond utility, bags are a way to define your style, express your inner self, and stand out from the crowd. With so many styles and types available, your bag choice says a lot about you and your lifestyle. 

Here are all the ways different bags can express your personality — read on to see if you agree!

1. The Handbag: Creative, Classy, Traditional

 The Handbag has become the quintessential accessory for the classy, modern woman. Timelessly classic and gorgeously understated, that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy turning heads as you saunter down the street. Your style icon? Holly Golightly, a.k.a Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Never one to miss out on the finer things in life, you enjoy splurging on premium quality because you know that a classic leather handbag never goes out of style.

Accent your poise and sophistication with the chic Three Musketeers D'ryna Medium Crossbody Sling Handbag (Leather) — made of premium U.S. full-grain Nappa cow leather with a unique asymmetric structure that commands attention with subtle elegance.

2. The Backpack: Adventurous, Practical, Active

Enthusiastic and not afraid to step outside your comfort zone, the backpack is the go-to choice for someone who prides pragmatism above all else. Knowing that everything you’ll need for the day is nestled perfectly in a comfortable and stylish yet sturdy backpack takes the weight off your shoulders.

Not that you mind, of course. No, you’re all about efficiency and practicality — ready to head out and seize the day with both hands! Whether you’re simply heading to the office or journeying through forests and mountains like Bilbo Baggins, a backpack is a trusty companion for all kinds of quests.

Fuel your adventurous spirit with the D'ryna 14" Laptop Backpack (Nylon Leather) by your side, a durable, charming piece inspired by The Three Musketeers — swashbuckling heroes ever-ready to embark on daring new escapades.


3. The Clutch: Elegant, Outgoing, Minimalist


Ah, the Clutch… Whether it’s to an after-work mixer at the hottest cocktail bar in town, a black dress event donning a Cinderella-esque gown, or just a night out with the girls — all your essentials fit in a compact and stylish clutch that complements your outfit.

Not only are you a social butterfly, but you’re a minimalist to the core. Portable phone charger? Umbrella? Nah, you don’t need any of that. Never one to carry more than you need, since you know that anything extra is just going to slow you down while you paint the streets of Singapore red.

Armed with a million-watt smile and a dress that could launch a thousand ships, the only accessory missing to complete your outfit for the night is the Jekyll & Hyde Phone Crossbody Clutch (Reversible)!


4. The Tote: Free-Spirited, Spontaneous, Adaptable

Flexible and carefree, the tote bag is often found on the shoulders of those who wear many hats. Not literally, mind you. Much like the bag itself, you always have a solution tucked away to any pesky situations that might arise. You’re practically a modern-day Mary Poppins, always ready to save the day with supplies that you carry ‘just in case’.

Therein too lies your strength — the ability to go anywhere and still be prepared for anything. This couldn’t be any more represented than in the Jekyll & Hyde Tote (Reversible), the perfect everyday tote bag to follow you no matter where you need to go.


5. The Laptop Bag: Ambitious, Confident, Professional

Between the boardroom meetings and client briefings, your laptop bag never leaves your side. As someone who’s always on the grind and moving forward, you need a bag that lets the world know you mean business.

The Hare & Tortoise 14" Laptop Slim Crossbody Sling Briefcase encapsulates this while also showing off your personality with a subtle design flair. With this sleek briefcase in your hands, all you’ll need is a suit and tie to feel just like Clark Kent, ready to save the day at a moment’s notice. Remind yourself that slow and steady wins the race every time you pack your bag, with the iconic Tortoise and the Hare engraved logos on the zippers.


6. The Duffel: Inquisitive, Well-Travelled, Dauntless

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a staycation or globe-trotting and exploring long-forgotten worlds Indiana Jones-style, the duffel bag is the epitome of wanderlust. You know you’re ready to jet off at a moment's notice to a faraway land, as long as you’re flanked by your ol’ reliable duffel.

Striking the perfect balance of utility and design, the Hare & Tortoise Travel Crossbody Sling Duffel is the ideal travel companion for anyone looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and go on an adventure.


Let Your Inner Self Shine With Personalised Accessories

Whether you want to stand out from the everyday Singapore crowd with an elegant leather bag, or if you’re shopping online for a bespoke leather gift with a unique personalised twist, Gnome & Bow has it all.

At Gnome & Bow, we offer personalised monogramming services for him or her in various configurations and fonts to help you add an individual flair to your everyday accessories. Check out our personalisation guide here and browse our range of customisable leather goods online today.

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