Day 7 with Santa Gnome: Santa Gnome’s cheatsheet to Christmas party planning

Day 7 with Santa Gnome: Santa Gnome’s cheatsheet to Christmas party planning

Have you been bestowed with the honour of hosting this year Christmas Party of the Year? Fret not! Ace that Christmas Party with some of Santa Gnome's party planning hacks.


1) Decorations


Picture: Crate & Barrel


The basics to any party is certainly the interior decorations. Keep your decorations to a minimal and avoid over-decorating to exude elegance. These tabletop Christmas trees from Crate & Barrel are perfect with their simple and beautiful design. Santa Gnome recommends to pair them with intricately designed candle holders as the flickering lights from the candle will enhance the cosy ambience of your house.


2) Food Menu


Picture: Jamie Oliver


What's Christmas without a delicious roasted turkey to share with your loved ones? Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has created a section on his website to share some recipes for Christmas. Get the recipe to the savoury turkey here, or if you're feeling more adventurous, visit his website for more recipes to build up the perfect food menu for your party. He's rated the difficulty level for each dish, so feel free to choose one that's suitable for your cooking skills. Just remember to always keep a fire extinguisher at hand should you want to try out a difficult recipe!

If you're in a race against time, Meat the Butcher's your saviour this Christmas. It offers special set menus or ala carte orders for you to host that perfect party. You won't have to worry about food anymore! And of course, a log cake is essential to amp up that Christmas menu. Try a local sweets brand such as inthebrickyard to satisfy some sweet teeth this festive season.


3) Party Drinks

Picture: Hendrick's Gin


Shake up some unique cocktails rather than offering just wine or beer to your guests for that hint of creativity. Hendrick's Gin hears your call of distress, and offers a variety of cocktail creations on its website. They're readily available for you! Santa Gnome loves this particularly because you can also use the recipes as a guide and create your own special Christmas cocktail with their gin, if you're bold enough.


4) Party Games



Picture: Deadline Hollywood


End off the night with an entertaining game like Charades, that can involve as many people as you want. Set a charades theme for the night, split your guests up into a few groups and you're all set for a hysterical night!

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