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December 13, 2015 4 min read

Santa Gnome shares some of his gift ideas that will make the perfect gift for your loved ones. There's something special for everyone!



1) Peak Lapel Blazer in Emerald from Deboneire

Santa will give this to The Dapper Executive

Santa likes this because it shows off the perfect shade of green and is lined with bemberg and adorned with precious mother-of-pearl buttons. He'll turn heads, be it at a casual business meeting or at a posh Christmas party.

Price: S$629

2) Twine Double Bracelet in Onyx Black from Gnome & Bow

Santa will give this to The Leather Connoisseur

Santa likes this because this hand-crafted bracelet takes on a robust character when worn, constantly changing its form and bringing about an effortless charm for all year round.

Price: S$58

3) Dog Motif Bow Tie from Vanda Fine Clothing

Santa will give this to The Animal Lover

Santa likes this because 100% of proceeds from the sale of these bow ties are donated to help stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore. They're also available in a small sizes for smaller breed dogs and perhaps Rudolph.

Price: S$165.85

4) Prototipo Chronograph (Blue Dial) from Autodromo

Santa will give this to The F1 Enthusiast

Santa likes this because legendary automobiles during the Prototype Era are all the rage and this piece oozes that retro, timeless character.

Price: US$625 (~S$880)

5) The Classic Gift Set from Truefitt & Hill

Santa will give this to The Joe with the Mo

Santa likes this because every good man needs a comforting close shave.

Price: S$261 (Christmas Special)

6) Sartorial Eau de Toilette from Penhaligons

Santa will give this to The Rakish Gentleman

Santa likes this because the scent is reminiscent of the workroom of bespoke tailors (yes he tailors his all his outfits) and instantly lifts his mood for the day.

Price: £88 for 100ml (~S$187)

7) Balsa Duffel in Camo from Gnome & Bow

Santa will give this to The Creative Maverick

Santa likes this because the race between of the Hare & The Flying Tortoise is unravelled as you use the bag. Who will win the race?

Price: S$485 (Now: S$299)

8) Cloak Passport Wallet in Onyx Black from Gnome & Bow

Santa will give this to The Stylish Jetsetter

Santa likes this because it’s discreet, sophisticated and holds all his travel essentials in a silhouette that fits his hand like a pair of leather gloves.

Price: S$215

9) Over Ear Headphones in Silver Metal/White Leather from Master & Dynamic

Santa will give this to The Modern Audiophile

Santa likes this because it's noise-isolating and offers a complete surround sound experience while he's on-the-go. The elves get a little noisy at times...

Price: €300 (~S$463)

10) Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from Artisan Bricks

Santa will give this to The Star Trek Fanatic

Santa likes this because everyone loves LEGO® and this one will certainly give him the bragging rights among his Star Trek comrades.

Price: Available upon order




1) Wishbone Necklace from Carrie K.

Santa will give this to The Bubbly Girl-Next-Door

Santa likes this because it exudes an elegance that is bound to make a fairy godmother grant her every wish.

Price: US$145 (~S$204)

2) Twine Single Bracelet in Oxblood from Gnome & Bow

Santa will give this to The Meticulous Go-getter

Santa likes this because it accents her wrist with that extra level of detail that reveals her meticulous personality.

Price: S$48

3) Birch Cardholder in Oxblood from Gnome & Bow

Santa will give this to The Fun-loving Dreamer

Santa likes this because the motif of the animals on this stylish cardholder is an ideal conversation starter.

Price: S$135 (Now: S$99)

4) Milton Crossbody Clutch in Midnight Blue from Gnome & Bow

Santa will give this to The Chic Executive

Santa likes this because it combines the minimalist silhouette of a clutch with the timeless versatility of a crossbody bag, perfect for that evening cocktail as it is for that weekend outing. It also reverses to offer a a darker alternative look.

Price: S$245

5) Juliette from Code Deco

Santa will give this to The Bohemian Lover

Santa likes this because a whiff of its feminine floral notes is sure to turn heads and start off a romantic weekend.

Price: S$150 for 50ml

6) Mama Tabi Sock (Mamee) from Supermama

Santa will give this to The Whimsical Fashionista

Santa likes this because Mamee brings about many fun childhood memories and we're always hungry for some.

Price: S$20

7) Juicier Organic Travel Set from FrankSkincare

Santa will give this to The Skincare Guru

Santa likes this because many celebrities are raving about the benefits of using facial oil and this travel set from local brand FrankSkincare, made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, is the perfect skincare set to boast that smooth, luminous skin.

Price: S$58

8) Eureka! Grande Terrarium (Water) from The Plant Story

Santa will give this to The Green Finger

Santa likes this because it's reminiscent of the great Albert Einstein with its uniquely shaped bottle and can either be hung or put flat on the desk. It's also fuss-free and easy to take care of for the urbanite who's looking to beautify her interior environment.

Price: S$75-S$83

9) Curve Jacket in Grey from RAINS

Santa will give this to The Sophisticated Adventurer

Santa likes this because besides being waterproof, it's a modern and stylish interpretation of the classic trench coat that she needs during her adventures in the winter or rainy season.

Price: DKK749 (~S$155)

10) Fleur d’Oranger Scented Candle from Heely Parfums

Santa will give this to The Candle Lover

Santa likes this because the fresh scent is sure to boost her mood when she returns home from a tiring day at work. What's more, each 280g candle gives approximately 60 hours of burning pleasure.

Price: €57 for 280g (~S$121)

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