6 Unique Father's Day Gifts to Transform Dad into a Dapper Gentleman

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6 Unique Father's Day Gifts to Transform Dad into a Dapper Gentleman

Father’s Day 2021 is just around the corner, and we all know this is the best time to show our appreciation for dad. While celebrations in Singapore this year might have to be a tad muted, who says you can’t indulge your dad with a bit of luxury with your Father’s Day gift? Make him feel on top of the world with the finer things in life?
Inspired by the many fine fictional gentlemen from classic storybooks, we have curated a collection of unique gifts that will help you transform dad into one of those dapper gents himself.
Read on to see if dad’s (and your) favourite characters have made the list!

Transform Dad into... 

1. Atticus Finch 

Gnome & Bow Storybook Inspired Personalised Leather Goods-Fathers-Day-Gifts-Porthos Briefcase-Atticus Finch

(Credit: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

What to get: Three Musketeers Two Tone 14" Laptop Crossbody Sling Briefcase (Suede Nylon Leather)

Arguably one of the most beloved characters in American literature, Atticus from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is both a passionate lawyer and a devoted father. He lives relentlessly by his own set of principles and, in doing so, serves as an admirable role model for his kids. 

Let dad channel Atticus’ confidence and cool-headedness with The Crossbody Briefcase! Combining both style and function, it is the perfect work bag to enhance dad’s office look. Not only does it boast ample space to fit his laptop and documents, but the sturdy leather straps also make carrying this men's laptop bag on his daily commute a breeze. 

2. James Bond

Gnome & Bow Storybook Inspired Personalised Leather Goods-Fathers-Day-Gifts-Bond Money Clip Billfold-James Bond

(Credit: Sony Pictures)

What to get: Jekyll & Hyde Two Tone Money Clip Bifold Wallet

James Bond is the pinnacle of charisma and class, the ruthless spy created by Ian Fleming that stays ever-focused on achieving his objectives. 

Well, as the saying goes: the name’s Bond… Bond Money Clip Billfold. This subtle yet sleek beauty is made of premium U.S. leather. No gentleman would carry loose change clinking around his pockets, no sir. Only the finest quality billfold for dad on Father’s Day, and you even have the option to get the gift personalised for him

3. Jay Gatsby

Gnome & Bow Storybook Inspired Personalised Leather Goods-Fathers-Day-Gifts-Ralph Braid Bracelet-Jay Gatsby

(Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

What to get: Ralph Braided Leather Bracelet

Luxury, wealth, and grandeur. Welcome to the fascinating world of Jay Gatsby, the self-made man from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, who certainly knows how to dress for a party. 

If your dad generally dresses plainly, you can easily help elevate his look with a classy accessory! The Ralph Braided Leather Bracelet is so versatile; it can pair perfectly with casual and formal outfits. It won’t be long before this becomes a staple in dad’s wardrobe! 

4. Arsène Lupin

Gnome & Bow Storybook Inspired Personalised Leather Goods-Fathers-Day-Gifts-Milton Briefcase(Reversible)-Arsene Lupin

(Credit: Netflix)

What to get: Milton Crossbody Briefcase (Reversible)

Propelled into the spotlight with the recent French Netflix series Lupin, Arsène Lupin’s first appearance dates back to Maurice Leblanc’s short stories in 1905, where he is always one step ahead as the cunning gentleman thief. 

Similar to how Lupin is a master of disguise, the Milton Crossbody Briefcase holds a hidden alter ego. Simple and sophisticated on one side, it can be reversed to reveal a vibrant pattern on the other. Dad can effortlessly transform this men's work bag to a playful brief case!

5. Phileas Fogg

Gnome & Bow Storybook Inspired Personalised Leather Goods-Fathers-Day-Gifts-Jules Cash _ Coin Passport Wallet-Phileas Fogg

(Credit: Around The World In 80 Days, A Golden Picture Classic)

What to get: Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallet (RFID Waxed Leather)

Yearn for overseas travel? So do we, and so did Phileas Fogg — so much so that he embarked on his 80-day trip around the world in Jules Verne’s famed novel, Around the World in 80 Days.

Prepare your dad for his next journey out of Singapore by getting him the snazzy Gulliver Cash & Coin Passport Wallet! This ultimate travel companion holds all of dad’s essentials, plus safeguards his credit cards with RFID blocking

6. Mr. Darcy 

Gnome & Bow Storybook Inspired Personalised Leather Goods-Fathers-Day-Gifts-Austen Slim Cash Cardholder-Mr Darcy

(Credit: BBC) 

What to get: Gulliver Slim Cash Card Holder Wallet (RFID Waxed Leather)

Rounding out our list is Fitzwilliam Darcy, the wealthy young gentlemen and beloved romantic hero from Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice

The Gulliver Slim Cash Card Holder Wallet is sure to help dad feel young again with an air of aristocracy. Its ultra-slim profile holds both cash and cards with ease without feeling bulky, and you can send your message of appreciation to dad with a complimentary handwritten greeting card. 


Luxurious Leather Gifts, Made Just For Dad

Take your Father’s Day gifts to the next level and make them extra special for him by adding a personal touch! Here at Gnome & Bow, we offer monogramming services in various configurations and fonts for you to personalise your gifts for loved ones.

Still looking for more gift ideas?

Browse our Father’s Day Gifts Collection now to find leather bags, wallets and accessories that dad will love. 

Wishing all fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!



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