6 Must-Have Gnome & Bow Travel Bags for Wanderers

6 Must-Have Gnome & Bow Travel Bags for Wanderers

When it comes to the art of travelling, it's not just about the destination but also about the journey — and the companions we choose for these adventures. Gnome & Bow's range of bags bring together storytelling charm with unrivalled practicality, elevating your travels to a whole new level.

1. Athos Laptop Backpack

Athos Laptop Backpack

Venture with an intellect's choice, the Athos Laptop Backpack. Bearing the name of the leader of "The Three Musketeers", this ladies’ bag embodies courage and precision. With the addition of a trolley sleeve luggage slot, navigating through bustling Singapore airports or exploring exotic locales becomes a seamless task. This women’s leather backpack ensures that your essentials, including your 13” or 14” laptop, are securely packed and easily accessible no matter where your journey takes you.

2. Athos Medium & Small Backpacks

Athos Small Backpacks

Compact yet mighty, the Athos Medium and Athos Small Backpacks are your loyal companions on the move. Versatility is their game; wear them as traditional backpacks or swing them crossbody, the choice is yours. The thoughtful compartments on these dainty leather bags make organisation a breeze, leaving more time for you to focus on your travel adventures across Singapore’s borders.

3. Dryna Laptop Backpack

Dryna Laptop Backpack

Men and ladies alike can exude a unique charm with the Dryna Laptop Backpack. Its asymmetric trapezium structure provides an enticing visual interest, while its spacious interior caters to your travel needs. Complete with a trolley sleeve luggage slot, Dryna ensures your 14” or 15” laptop and other essentials are only a zip away, whether you're on a work trip or a holiday getaway.

4. Musketeer Dryna Medium Handbag

Dryna Medium Crossbody Sling Handbag

Meet the eye-catching Dryna Medium Crossbody Sling Handbag, a travel bag designed for those who prefer to travel light without compromising style. Its unique structure holds all your daily essentials, while the hidden detachable zip pouch adds an element of surprise, perfect for stowing away souvenirs from your travels.

5. Musketeer Two-Tone Laptop Briefcase

Musketeer Two-Tone Laptop Briefcase

Step up your professional travel game with the Musketeer Two-Tone Laptop Briefcase. Crafted in USA full grain leather, this men’s and women’s briefcase stands out with its dedicated 13”/14” laptop slot and trolley sleeve luggage pocket. Carry it as a crossbody or handhold it, its versatility in style complements your every outfit and mood, from formal business meetings in Singapore to casual city tours beyond.

6. Hare & Tortoise Laptop Messenger Bag

Hare & Tortoise Laptop Messenger Bag

Rekindle childhood memories with the Hare & Tortoise Laptop Messenger Bag. It brings Aesop's tale to life and adds a fun twist to your travel ensemble. Its shock-absorbent 13”/14” laptop compartment and multiple inner slots ensure that your belongings are safely stored, allowing you to embrace the spontaneous moments of travel with ease and confidence.

Travel in Style with Gnome & Bow’s Bags

When you’re on the move, Gnome & Bow isn’t just an accessory — it’s part of your adventure. Each bag is designed to be as unique as your journey, telling a story that’s entirely yours. Their stylish exteriors make a statement, while their thoughtful interiors keep you organised, ensuring you travel with ease and sophistication.

From bustling city breaks to tranquil retreats, these bags adapt to every adventure, becoming go-to travel companions you can no longer do without. No matter where you're headed, your travel story deserves to be told with us.

Embrace the journey ahead — explore Gnome & Bow's remarkable collection and choose your travel companion today.

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