10 Novel Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

10 Novel Gift Ideas for Book Lovers
Searching for the perfect gift for a bookworm in your life? Forget about book store vouchers or the top titles from “Best Books of 2021” lists online — chances are they’ve already read it. We’ve curated a collection of amazing gift ideas that bibliophiles will adore, specially tailored to their favourite book genre. You’re certainly going to want to bookmark this article while gift shopping!

For the Action Adventure Buff

Porthos Crossbody Sling Laptop Briefcase

Wondering what to get that special someone who dreams of world-travelling adventures and lives every day with adrenaline coursing through their veins? 

For the perfect accompaniment to everyday journeys, consider the Three Musketeers Porthos Two Tone 14" Laptop Crossbody Sling Briefcase, inspired by Alexander Dumas’ classic storybook “The Three Musketeers”. Much like the titular character this leather bag was named after, the Porthos embodies similar characteristics as the musketeer from the French Novel — a mix of robust strength and drop-dead gorgeous looks. A unique leather gift for him or for her, work has never looked so stylish before. 

While traversing the globe, even on the page, every adventurer needs to be armed with the appropriate accoutrements — such as the gorgeous storybook-inspired scarves, apparel and blankets from Storiarts. They even have themed gift box bundles, which bring your loved ones’ favourite books to life.

For the Sci-Fi Geek

Hitchhiker Space Capsule Backpack

Space travel might be a distant concept, but the Hitchhiker 16" Laptop TSA Friendly Anti Theft Backpack stands out as a gift that reminds that significant other to never stop dreaming. Incredibly lightweight and water-resistant, this backpack has compartments for everything one might need in any eventuality — whether it’s stowing away on a spaceship or just your daily commute to the office.

 Folio Society collector’s edition

Or maybe your friend is a die-hard fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune. In that case, they are sure to love the collector’s edition of the best-selling book from Folio Society, an independent publisher that makes beautifully illustrated versions of books from a vast range of genres, all of which are works of art in their own right.

For the Fairytale & Fantasy Fan

Bookmark Mini Luggage Tag

Of course, not all of us seek thrills while jet setting from place to place - some of us love cosying up to tales of faraway distant lands of fantasy entombed within lines of prose. 

What better way to remind them of their otherworldly adventures than with a unique Bookmark Mini Luggage Tag? Multifunctional personalised gifts have always been the epitome of gift-giving, and every glance at this engraved bookmark is sure to spark joy in the recipient's heart.

Another fantastic way to set the mood at home is with scented candles, and there are none better than the Book Lovers’ Soy Candle collection by Frostbeard Studio. Once lit, they instantly transport you to far off lands and fill the air with a sense of wonder. Meanwhile, Harry Potter fans, or Potterheads, won’t be able to resist the magical merchandise from Minalima — the two visionaries behind the bewitching graphic style of the entire wizarding world.

For the Classic Gentleman or Lady

Covent Crossbody Handbag

Classics are classics for a reason, and fans of them will love the Jekyll & Hyde Crossbody Handbag inspired by Jekyll and Hyde, and the Hare & Tortoise Small Bifold Wallet debossed with The Hare & Tortoise motifs. The former is a modern must-have luxury accessory for the woman on the go, who enjoys the duality of nature and appreciates flexibility. Flipping it inside out, the Jekyll & Hyde Crossbody Handbag reveals an entirely different colour scheme that stands out. 

Meanwhile, the Hare & Tortoise Small Bifold Wallet is an understated and reliable daily driver, much like the Tortoise from the novel of inspiration. Open it up to reveal the checkered linen inside for that additional Hare-like flare of style amongst your everyday carry. If you want something a little more distinctive, opt for a personalised monogrammed leather gift instead and level up your gifts with an engraving of the recipient's initials.

Storybook Cosmetics

Naturally, an elegant look for a night out in town would not be complete without a touch of makeup to look your best. In that case, the Storybook Palettes from Storybook Cosmetics are the perfect gift, with tons of book-inspired makeup to choose from that would make any bookworm’s face light up in an instant.

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