10th Nov | (SS18) Book III: The 4th Musketeer

10th Nov | (SS18) Book III: The 4th Musketeer
SS18 - Book III: The 4th Musketeer | Gnome & Bow


10th Nov 2017- Inspired by the Alexander Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers”, Gnome & Bow’s SS18 collection, Book III: The 4th Musketeer, tells the tale of a band of individuals who seek to obtain the “Diamond Lily”, and only through unity were they able to find it.


The central theme of the story is captured by the famous saying, “All for one, one for all”, or “Tour por un, Un por tour” in French. This collection was designed to bring this concept to life, resulting in a series of bags and wallets that were forged to work in synergy.


Each bag is equipped with a hidden zippered compartment at the back that also doubles as a detachable pouch, a hint at the individual who is integral to the team and its cause. As you remove the clutch, you will notice one half of the well-known quote “Un por tour” (One for all) debossed, while the other half “Tour por un” (All for one) can be found on the main bag, emphasising the dynamism of teamwork.The result is a seamless carry solution for the modern individual on-the-go.


The “X” stitch that emblazons each design conjures the image of 4 swords pointing towards the centre, a gesture of camaraderie among fellow swordsman in 17th century France. It also hints at the coat of arms in that iconic era.


The collection emblem is a “Diamond Lily”, formed by four fleur-de-lis merging squarely and evenly, an apt embodiment of unity, at the same time transporting us to that epoch of romanticism, where artistic, literary, musical and intellectual masterpieces were highly celebrated.


This collection marks two noteworthy debuts for the story-inspired leather accessories brand: their first foray into a ladies line which offers a handbag, saddle bag and cross-body clutch in addition to classic wallets like the zippered long wallet and coin cases; and the long-awaited full leather bag series, a harmonious contrast of full grain and cross grain black leather bags that will prove timeless.


What secrets will the Diamond Lily unravel?
And who will find it first?


Book III: The 4th Musketeer collection includes:



The bags come in 2 colours – Black and Taupe.


The wallets come in 2 colours – Black and Olive.




The bracelets come in 3 colours – Brown, Green and Grey.


Prices range from SGD 88 for the Lucky Horse Bracelet to SGD 698 for the Athos Backpack.

To add that personal touch, Gnome & Bow offers a personalisation service for SGD 25 on www.gnomenbow.com

Available for orders now on www.gnomenbow.com and selected stockists on 1st Dec 2017.



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