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UNCAGE: Tiger Beer x Gnome & Bow

Tiger Beer X Gnome & Bow
Tiger Uncage x Gnome & Bow Leicester Coin Case (Limited Edition - 10 pieces world wide)


In conjunction with the launch of Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde, a modernisation of the Robert Louis Stevenson masterpiece, Gnome & Bow designed an exclusive cardholder in partnership with Tiger Beer and their #UNCAGE campaign, which tells the story of an individual who has aspirations to succeed via means that lay beyond the cages of convention. This initiative celebrates Quanda Ong, Founder of Gnome & Bow, and his dream to design bags and accessories with a message for the discerning individual.


Tiger Beer x Gnome & Bow

Quanda Ong, Founder of Gnome & Bow, sharing his #UNCAGE story at the launch party


Crafted from full-grain US cow leather, the exclusive Gnome & Bow forTigercardholder is blue on the outside and olive on the inside, representing the two contrasting sides that Quanda believes everyone possesses. Evident on the outside is a loop stitching that is in signature Tiger orange, contrasting beautifully with the glossy blue exterior. Other story design elements include an emblazoned crest, symbolic of the uncanny semblance between a fountain pen and a tattoo gun. 


Tiger Beer x Gnome & Bow

Tiger Uncage x Gnome & Bow Leicester Coin Case - Each packaged in our signature Jekyll's Hyde book box


Previous personalities who have been featured include prestigious Cannes Camera D'Or winner for his debut film 'Ilo llo', Film Director Anthony Chen, molecular gastronomy Chef Han Li Guang of Restaurant Labyrinth, and popular online comedians Tree Potatoes. Tiger’s Uncage personality series thus identifies and provides a platform for those who have lived life to their own drum beat, fuelled by their desire to succeed on their own terms and courage to take the leap.


Tiger Beer x Gnome & Bow

 Uncage your inner desires and beliefs


A common belief that stands at the core of these two home-grown brands can be seen on the flipside, with a debossed quote from the novel that reads: “It is one thing to mortify curiosity, another to conquer it” when the cardholder is opened.


Jekyll's Hyde Book Box

Jekyll's Hyde Book Box Packaging - An uncanny semblance between a fountain pen and a tattoo gun. 


This collaboration once again showcases Gnome & Bow’s unwavering pursuit for classic, elegant aesthetics whilst embracing the art of storytelling.

The Tiger Uncage x Gnome & Bow Coin Case is limited to 10 pieces world-wide and is sold out. 

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