Story Roulette I : The Hare & The Tortoise (22 Oct - 26 Oct 2014)

The Story Roulette is our version of a story relay. Using a word(s) from The Unorthodox List below, continue the story by replying to the last comment in this post.  -

The Unorthodox List - 22 Oct (Changes daily at 11am)
- Scotchtape
- Wasabi
- Sea urchin
- Plank
- Moose
- Sky diving
- Bon Jovi
- Chuck Taylor sneakers
- Pantaloons
- Friend zone

The most creative post will WIN a BALSA DUFFEL in CAMO!

The Story Roulette spins from 22 Oct 10am to 26 Oct 10pm The winner will be announced on 27 Oct 12pm. You may submit multiple entries. 

Terms & Conditions 

- The prizes are available in only the specified color. We will not entertain any requests for change in color.
- All prizes once claimed cannot be exchanged for other items or store credit.
- Our warranty and exchange policies extend to all prizes.
- All international winners (outside of Singapore) will have to cover all costs relating to shipping and custom duties if any.
- Collection of prizes for local winners (within Singapore) must be made at Gnome & Bow's head office and claimed within one week of announcement.
- Give us shout out with a picture of you and your Gnome & Bow prize on Facebook


Our Winner: Justin Yeo

The winning post:

Ding! A notification showed up on the Tortoise’s laptop and it was a Facebook status update by the Hare. “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. No one can save me, the damage is done#YouGiveLoveABadName#BonJovi” The Tortoise heart sank. He realised the social media prank had gone too far. Was the Hare going to do something silly? Should he head on to finish the race, or should he turn back into the woods to look for the Hare?

"Friendship first, competition second," the Tortoise came to a conclusion. The Tortoise tightened his shoe-laces, threw his binoculars and half-eaten cheesecake away, and headed into the woods to look for the Hare. After an hour of aimless search, he took a second look at the Facebook post and saw the location where the Hare had made the status update. The Hare had not turned off his location services and it reflected “Very Near to the Finishing Line (Ha-Ha)". Holy Felafel, the Tortoise knew he had been fooled by the Hare!

Precious time was lost and the Tortoise knew the only way to make up for it was to fly through the woods towards the finishing line. But how could he do so? He needed to think fast as time was running out...