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About Gnome & Bow

Stories are the fabric of memory which make life entertaining and unexpected. Fairytales and folklore speak a language that is both universal and immortal, transcending the barriers of age and culture.

Gnome & Bow was founded on that very notion that bags can go beyond functionality to become a new medium for storytelling, evoking the same emotions as our favorite stories. The Gnome represents that element of fantasy while the Bow symbolises the mark of class. Together, the harmony of these elements guides us in our design philosophy.

Drawing inspiration from the classics to tales of fancy, we develop story elements that are imbued seamlessly into our goods. As with reading a book for the first time, exploring our products will uncover subtle and clever details that reveal a story you’ll find familiar, but with a modern twist. Timeless as the stories that inspire us, we believe that our bags should be too. Our collection of bags, wallets and small leather accessories are designed to be the perfect companion for the discerning individual.



Year of 2013

 Oct 2013  Gnome & Bow was born

Year of 2014

Mar 2014 Launched crowd funding campaign on Pozible to raise $30,000
Apr 2014 Exceeded target of $30,000 in 3 weeks and eventually raising $37,561 to become the largest fashion campaign on Pozible and the largest one in Asia
May 2014 Launch of AW14 | I : The Hare & the Flying Tortoise Bags and Wallets
May 2014 Exhibited in BLUEPRINT (Fashion Trade Show, Singapore)
May 2014 Stocked at BENJAMIN BARKER (Singapore), CUMULUS (Singapore and Online)
Jul 2014 Stocked at THE ASSEMBLY STORE (Singapore and Online)
Aug 2014 Stocked at KAPOK (Singapore)
Sep 2014 Stocked at NAIISE (Singapore and Online)
Sep 2014 Stocked at KEEPERS Orchard (Singapore) - 1 of 20 brands invited to be a mainstay at Singapore’s First Designer Collective in collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and (SPRING) Singapore and Textile and Fashions Federation (TAFF)
Nov 2014 Launch of SS15 | II : Jekyll’s Hyde Wallets
Nov 2014 Launch of UNCAGE : Tiger Beer x Gnome & Bow Wallets

Year of 2015

Feb 2015 Launch of CAPSULE I : Palazzo Wallets and Bracelets
Jun 2015 Stocked at TRUEFITT & HILL (Singapore)
Jul 2015 Stocked at KEEPERS Changi Airport (Singapore)
Aug 2015 Stocked at THE BLIND COBBLER (Singapore)
Sep 2015 Launch of AW15 | II : Jekyll’s Hyde Bags
Oct 2015 Launch of SS16 | I : The Hare & the Flying Tortoise Wallets
Nov 2015 Stocked at URBAN TRAVELLER & CO (Philippines and Online) 

Year of 2016

Jan 2016 Exhibited at FORMEX (Design Trade Fair, Stockholm, Sweden)
Mar 2016 Stocked at STRAITS ESTABLISHMENT (Singapore)
May 2016 Stocked at DOT & BEYOND (Sweden and Online), Posh Living (Sweden), NN07 (Sweden)
Jun 2016 Gathered 10,000 fans on Facebook
Jul 2016 Stocked at TINO SUITS (Philippines), THE UNION STATION BARBER SHOP (Philippines)
Aug 2016 Launch of AW16 | II : Jekyll’s Hyde Wallets
Aug 2016 Stocked at K17 (Sweden), NOREN O ENGLUND (Sweden)
Aug 2016 Stocked at TANGS (Singapore)
Sep 2016 Launch of AUGUSTUS: August Man x Gnome & Bow Wallets
Nov 2016 Singapore Fashion Awards (Best Collaboration of the Year - August Man x Gnome & Bow) Finalist
Dec 2016
Launch of SS17 | I : The Hare & the Flying Tortoise Bags

Year of 2017 

Jan 2017 Stocked at 1893 Gent's Fashion (Sweden), Johnells (Sweden)
Feb 2017
Launch of SS17 | II : Jekyll's Hyde Bracelets
Jul 2017 Stocked at DESIGNERS' FRIDGE (Japan and Online)
Aug 2017 Exhibited at SINGAPORE: INSIDE OUT (Tokyo)
Oct 2017 Stocked at CITY OF TOMORROW (Singapore)
Oct 2017 Showcased at UPBEAT SHANGHAI (Shanghai Fashion Week - SS18)
Oct 2017 Finalist for DESIGNER OF THE YEAR - ACCESSORIES (Singapore Fashion Awards 2017)
Oct 2017 Launch of WILLIAMSBURG: Zzuma x Gnome & Bow Bags
Nov 2017 Stocked at FUSE BY FASHORY SHANGHAI (China)