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Jekyll & Hyde Crossbody Clutch Phone Bag (Reversible)

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  • Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's "Jekyll & Hyde", ​this ​Crossbody is a reversible, lightweight, water resistant bag. One side presents a classic ​nylon​, which speaks of a collected Dr. Jekyll, while the ​printed canvas​ on the flip side​ unleashes your inner wild ​Mr. Hyde.​ A true testament and perfect companion for the two-sided lifestyle of the modern individual.

    With a detachable strap, style your outfit for​ ​evening cocktail​s​ ​and hands free weekend outing​s​.

    Crafted in USA ​nappa​ leather and water-resistant ​nylon and canvas.

    Limited Quantity - Only 33 pieces worldwide

    Also available in a web-exclusive colours here.

  • Materials
    - Full-grain U.S cow leather accents
    - Water-resistant PU-backed nylon
    - Water-resistant custom Maverick cotton canvas
    - YKK Japan Excella gold zippers
    - 0.75" ultra-dense nylon webbing strap

    - 2 main compartments, 2 interior slots
    - Fits a Kindle Paperwhite
    - Reversible (Undo side buttons and flip to reveal 2 contrasting looks)
    - Bookmark leather tag allows for personalisation
    - Signature oxblood hand-stitch details

    - 15.4cm x 22cm x 3cm
    - Capacity : 1.0 Litres
    - 0.19kg

  • Jekyll's Hyde - 1 Bag, 2 Sides

    A Robert Louis Stevenson classic modernised. Allowing one to freely embrace the two contending faces of man, one side presents a lustrous nylon, which speaks of a collected Dr. Jekyll, the other features a printed canvas, each motif testament to the unconventional ways of Mr. Hyde.

    Unravel the full story here.

One Bag, Two Looks


YKK Japan Excella

Densely packed teeth dance in perfect unison to form a seamlessly crisp closure


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