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Jekyll & Hyde Viking Panther Beads Bracelet

  • Designed for the modern day knight with a wild side, the Jekyll & Hyde Viking Panther Bracelet offers two styles in one, allowing you to switch it up depending on your mood or the occasion. But most of the time, we'd find it hard to disagree that it's these two opposing halves that make us whole. Inspired by Jekyll & Hyde.
  • Materials
    - Knight helmet charm embellished with black zirconia stones
    - 8mm black lava and jasper green beads
    - Panther charm decorated with green and white zirconia stones

    - 1 Bracelet, 2 Characters - I learned to recognise the thorough and primitive duality of man - Robert Louis Stevenson
    - Signature 2 sided emboss-deboss logo charm
    - Packaged in our Signature grey dust bag

    - (H)0.5cm x (W)6cm x (D)6cm

  • Jekyll's Hyde

    Jekyll's Hyde is a modernisation of the Robert Louis Stevenson masterpiece designed to showcase the two contending faces of human nature: the rational, reserved side versus the wilder, more spontaneous inner self.

    Each wallet features one colour on the exterior and the contrast colour on the inside, significant of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that coexists within us. Deep Sea Blue embodies the classy and collected Dr. Jekyll, while Jungle Green characterises the uninhibited and thrill-seeking Mr. Hyde.

    The emblazoned crest for the collection was inspired by the uncanny semblance between a fountain pen and a tattoo gun, hinting at the ease at which we can switch sides. A debossed quote from the novel suggests that one should indeed embrace both sides.

    Whichever side or colour you choose, you will inevitably discover an innate duality. So in this moment, are you Jekyll or are you Hyde?

    Unravel the full story here.