Google Presents: Project Ara

Google Presents: Project Ara
Consider the niche essentials of a tremendously diverse world and integrating them into a smartphone. That would be Google's Project Ara, and whose emphasis on ultra modularity is charted to forever change the way the world uses smartphones; fruition is in the foreseeable future, with the developers' kit being released later this year.

Ara's modular structure

Although Ara cardinally resembles most Android phone, whatnot bearing a skeleton frame and given parts, it is effortlessly differentiated by a humongous hardware ecosystem - on the scale of the current app marketplace - that will allow users to effortlessly change these given parts with a simple slide of the modules. This effectively means we will bid goodbye eternally to exorbitant prices for replacing the cruel, ruthless reality of a broken screen. Instead, with Project Ara, all you have to do is to take out that broken screen and put in a new one yourself. It’s that simple, really.

But it's not just about drastically downsizing electronic waste, even if that is essentially the plan. Inscribing the ‘any app for any situation’ mantra, Ara serves a higher purpose of augmentation, and is best grittily described as a Transformer aide that panders to a wildly eclectic world.

Remember when Apple once trademarked that powerful one-liner, “There’s an app for that”? Google's taking that out of virtual context, and bringing it into life. Watch the magic unfold below:  

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